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Is this tocd....?

I have been bothered by this for the past like two weeks now. The thought I might be transgender.  This happened because I asked “ what if people think I’m a man because I wear sports clothes?” ( like Jerseys n etc) but I also feel comfortable in my own body as a female. And I never thought of being trans before. And every time I think about it I get anxiety. I have shortness of breathe and I feel my heart racing and I feel like I wanna hurt myself rather then be trans. I have nothing against trans people I just need advice.
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I would caution you about focusing on labels.  So many things today are labeled as OCD that really aren't so pharmaceutical companies can sell you drugs approved to treat OCD.  Obsessive thinking is a feature of all mental disorders and of a lot of other human behavior as well, and isn't really the same thing as OCD.  And you know, two weeks do not a life make.  That's a really short time to be concerned about something.  It could be gone tomorrow, you know?  It sounds like your question is more one about traditional notions about femininity than about being trans.  If you were trans, you'd know it.  Humans have lots of thoughts over a lifetime.  They only define us when we obsess over them.  It's okay to wonder.  It's not okay to try to find something that is horrible to try to deal with, which true OCD is.  Clearly you're having some anxiety over your identity, which is normal.  It doesn't mean you're trans or that you're not trans.  You know that better than anyone here can know.  But suffering anxiety over something happens.  When it becomes chronic and starts interfering with your life significantly, it's time to look at what might have precipitated this thinking -- did someone reject you?  Did someone say something?  Did you see something?  And if it becomes too much and doesn't go away, consider seeing a psychologist who will be much better equipped to diagnose you than anyone on a website forum.  All we can see is you're giving yourself anxiety attacks, but not why, and that when this happens, it's best to try to nip the anxiety problem in the bud before it becomes your normal way of thinking.  Whether you're trans or not you will know in time, but it appears you're not.
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