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Latent homosexuality?!?! Please answer!!

I just recently heard of this and I'm panicking?! It has like the same symptoms of hocd and it's a "hidden desire" that you could be not conscious of having and I'm scared now. What if my "hocd" isn't actually hocd???

I've had quite a few previous obsessions and I have some compulsions (as well as mental compulsion with the obsessions) though. Would that make it a lot more likely to be hocd? Also, I've NEVER though of being with a girl EVER or even had a thought about until my hocd  started about a year ago. For as long as I can remember I've only ever wanted to be with guys. However, at one point in middle school I was a bit worried because I wasn't getting crushes on anyone. And for a brief amount of time I told my self I was aromantic/asexual. But with latent homosexuality I read somewhere that you'd notice that something is off but you wouldn't know exactly what. Could that be it?

Please answer this with all seriousness because when I started reading about this I burst into tears.
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Hi there...your name sounds familiar so I'm guessing you have posted before?  Anyway, I read your other post too.  

OCD people think we are going to turning into everything under the sun.  We think that whatever happens to other people is going to happen to us.  I could tell you some really weird things I have thought over the years but I don't want you to project them onto yourself.

You said..."being the OCD person I am I took that part of it and related it to myself when it more than likely isn't true."  You hit the nail right on the head with that statement.  It's not true but because we can't turn our the contradiction our brain screams at us every time we think something, we become scared and that fear is what keeps us in the OCD loop.  

Have you ever talked to your parents about your OCD?  Did you get professional help?  Were you formally diagnosed?  
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Hi I commented earlier but I'm not sure if it worked or not. But no, I haven't officially been diagnosed but I have started talking to a therapist about it. I was on medication (Prozac) but currently I'm not. Also I have talked to my mom about it but not the specific fears. Only one or two of them.
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At the risk of sounding dismissive the fact that you have never thought about someone of the same sex until having issues with OCD should tell you everything you need to know.
As a sufferer of intrusive thoughts the reflex instinct is to seek assurance in light of the negative and distressing thoughts and images a depressive and overactive mind foisters on us. Deep down I suspect rationally we know what is true and what is not true about ourselves but we more than others look for confirmation from others because our fears are not rational.
Many people who turn out to be gay either have same sex attractions from a young age or they generally come to a realisation as a result of unsatisfactory relations with those of the opposite sex.
Most people who are gay and fear being so are for rational reasons like social stigma depending on the society/community in which they live.
I suspect you are frightened of being gay because you don't desire to be with someone of the same sex because you are heterosexual.
But as I said to someone else who posed a similar problem, the Uncertainty won't go away until you realise that it isn't important to be certain and the only thing you can do is leave it unresolved in your head because your biological reactions will tell you the truth not intrusive thoughts.
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