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May this incident at the dentist cause a risk of infection?

So i visited the dentist today for a normal allround tooth-check and while under the procedure the dentist dropped some tool on the floor,. then quickly turned around to pick it up and continued as if nothing had happened. Its is unclear if the dentist had changed tool or gloves. Initially i thought, "ok remain calm, obviously the dentist did not put that presumably dirty tool in my mouth and changed gloves afterwards" And therefore i did not bother asking..I did not see anything myself since i was lying face up with my mouth wide open. I am pretty sure gloves were not changed since it all happened very quickly.  OCD stroke me on the buss ride home..telling me I am now at risk now for ..well..several  diseases. What is your take on this? Looking for wise words. Appreciate the help!
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Hi there, when they work on you they have a number of tools at their disposal.  They usually sit on the tray while working.  I would guess that he picked up another tool.
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