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Medication advice for mild OCD??

My wife has mild OCD and has problems with obsessisive thoughts, perfectionist tendencies and mood swings. We're looking for some advice on medications that are known to be effective in treating these symptoms. She's been on Effexor for a couple of years which has been tremendously successful but she had to stop taking it recently, (due to it causing high blood pressure), and we discovered the dark, ugly side of this medication. She tapered down the dosage for the first month and has suffered for over two months with debilitating withdrawal symptoms - extreme and constant naseau, lethargy, diziness etc. Her OCD is back in full swing again now but we can't go back to Effexor knowing what we no know about it. We'd really appreciate some good advice on known medications for effective treatment of mild OCD?
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I am in agreement about the effexor, did I ever have a hard time geeting off of it.  I stayed without meds for awhile but I realized that wasn't too smart.  Currently I have been taking Lexapro, hardly any side effects.  Also Cymbalta is a good one.  These are mood stabilizers and something is better than nothing but I am in agreement about the effexor....
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Don't take Zoloft either!!  
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