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Medication resistant for OCD

I originally posted back in November regarding my 23 year old son with OCD. I was curious to know if anyone here is resistant to medication for OCD.  He is on 300mg of Anafranil since December and started Luvox at the end of December and doctor has been increasing the luvox, so he is now on 300mg of luvox as of two days ago.  This is the strange part.....every time the doctor increased one of these meds, my son can feel a difference (thoughts are not that intrusive or severe), but this only lasts about 3-4 days and then he feels that he is back to where he started at the lower dose of 50mg.  How is it possible to feel better after the increase, but then that feeling goes away after a few days? As he says, the medication is not working consistently, and these two medications are specifically for OCD.  Also, I know therapy is also supposed to be a big help.  He went to two different therapist who did not help at all.  We are going to a new therapist next week who deals and works with OCD.  I know medications work and effect people differently, but why are they not consistent?  In the past he was on lexapro, wellbutrin and Zoloft with no relief, that is why he is on anafranil and luvox now.  Thanks for listening.
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Hi there...sorry your son is going through this.  Typically I have the reverse reaction when I go up in dosage in that I become more anxious and jittery.  I wish I could help you with the medication part of this but I really don't have anything to add.  Is he seeing a psychiatrist who is prescribing these meds or is this his gp?  Also, I wonder if maybe one of the older more established medications may work for him such as Prozac.  That worked well for me but so does Wellbutrin which I currently take.  Also, you didn't mention how bad his OCD is.  Did they ever suggest taking a benzo such as klonopin as well?  

As far as therapy goes, I am happy to see that you are switching.  He definitely needs to learn cognitive behavioral therapy.  
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I have had OCD for 30 yrs.  No medication has stopped it.
Over time I have learned to identify triggers and lesson the depression that comes on after a bad OCD binge.

If there is a lot a anxiety, a drug like Klonopin, or ativan taken when needed is helpful.

Also, sometimes more is not better.  More can be worse.  If your son does just as well on 50mg luvox, you might want to go back to it.
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