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Meds to help with body rocking

I'm 32 and i body rock since birth.My mom had a very problematic pregnancy with lots of crying and trauma.I came into this harsh world as an emotionally-hypersensitive person and i cope with it by body rocking.The problem is that i body rock all day and do nothing else.I have no interest for anything other than being in my bed and body rocking on my favorite music.I would like to diminish the time i spend on this activity and do something else as well,like reading/panting etc but i simply cannot stop.I feel like a drug addict!!!
I've tried Gabapentin and it has no effect on me.I would like to know if there is any other medication to try.I would like something that would diminish my need for body rocking or something that i can take for some period of time when i don't want to body rock.I have no desire in finding a cure that would treat this completely, as without it,there is nothing left other than die.
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I'm sorry to hear.  I have friends who body rock during times of stress to soothe themselves.
Have you thought of seeing someone to see if you are depressed? Just a thought JGF25 is on vacation.  She returns on 25th.  She may have better ideas.
Take care
Yes i do suffer from depression and this is what helps me to cope in some way.However i do not want to take any anti depressants because i took many in the past and they do not help me.They just put all the mess under the rug and that's it...not to mention the side effects.
I was just asking for a medicine that could take some of the compulsiom away.I've read on this forum about Gabapentin and i tried it but it has no effect on me.Maybe there is something else i can try.
When i don't body rock i always have to do something with my body:i play with my hair,i touch my face.I just cannot stand still.
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I'm sorry, perhaps JGF may have some ideas when she returns.  
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