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I’m 14 and a girl and have been having the worst time dealing with hocd or denial. Just to make a point before I start, *i am not here for reassurance, just help*. So for about a year I have been struggling with my sexual orientation. It all started when I thought a girl on the tv was gorgeous and I thought I felt an arousal. However, when I was little I would sometimes play dress up games online, and would try and find the naked cartoon ones. I’m pretty sure that I tried to find naked guy ones, but yeah it’s weird and to think that I liked that is ehh. Not going to lie, the female body is pretty, from a females perspective, but I don’t want to be dating one because the thought is disgusting. The male body is amazing too, but all my friends like guys with abs but that’s not what I like. I fall for a guy with a personality, but am not attracted to abs. I have only had guy crushes and when I saw lesbians on tv I would think it’s weird. I’m not homophobic, but I am just fighting a battle. My childhood past scares me. What if I really did like what I did? I feel like I am constantly denying it. I just want an outsiders perspective. I am also seeing a councillor in school which isn’t about hocd, more about being bullied, but those sessions have made me feel better about this. Where do I go from now? Any thoughts on my situation?
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