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My sons obsessive compulsive behavior

I have searched the web for answers. I am a single father and I have a 13 year old son who has become obsessed with masturbation and watching porn. I have placed different controls in his path yet behavior has gotten worse. Recently he was caught masturbating in two of his friends mothers bedroom while they were asleep. I have since sought therapy for him for this is truly disturbing behavior of a child that have professional parents, athletic with good academic grades. His mother and I divorced 3 years ago and my son has expressed some thought of feeling that she was not there for him as with our older two boys. I am truly afraid for my child's well being and mental health. In order for a child to be bold or brave enough to attempt the aforementioned behavior is (in my opinion) reason enough to fear a mental disorder (although I am fervently praying against such)! What should be my best steps taken?
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Hi there.  You said you sought therapy for him...did he have an appointment yet?  Most of my experience is with Pure-O OCD, i.e., irrational thinking.  I don't have any experience with compulsive behaviors personally.  I think they need to delve into why he feels the need to do this.  Does it take some sort of anxiety away?  Is it so all consuming that he has to do it even in situations where he could get caught?  I think that is the key.  Rest assured though that you are doing the right thing by your son.  If you don't like the therapist or the answers you get, then definitely find another.  
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