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New to this forum and looking for some answers

I just realized that my anxiety, which I am finally addressing.  My Dr, keeps talking about my behavours when I am in his office, and has asked before if I had ever been diagnosed with ADHD.  He finally asked my husband, who happened to be with me, if I was the same at home as I am in his office.  My husband told him I was like this all the time,

I he said I am always so hyper, switching from one topic to another so fast.  I was in his office being treated for anxiety at the time.  Anyway, this is so new to me right now, but I do want to learn something on the forum.

So i will be around...

thanks, meg
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Hi, can you tell me more about your vehavior ? OCD is a hard anxiety illnes and need to be address, is good you are looking for help, grite back.
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Thanks, i don't know if i have OCD and thanks for offering help.  I did not recognize my behaviors as a real problem.  But some things were making me crazy.  

I can never sit still, i am up and down all the time.  I am always organizing and never seems to get it done..this is one of my favorite things, organinizing.  I need to have everything exactly the way i want them and I drive my husband crazy.  Even when my kids were growing up, i gave them lessons on how to fold the towels, they had to be just right.

When going anywhere I have to go back to the  house to check thing again or i forgot something.   I constantly interrupt during a conversation, i change subjects and never wait for an answer, i just go from one thing to another.

I always have had reasons for what I do and a lot of them I thing are normal, i am sure everyone does it too.

Thats all I can come up with right now, it may be caused by something else...
I do have cognative issues so i am all confused..LOL

What does that sound like?

hugs meg

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more i forgot..

People keep telling me that I am always doing my bookwork, and thought about it, I do tell people thats what I am doing and I am !!

And i am obsessed about my meds, I do have a lot of them and have to manage my pill organizer once a week and it  can take hours.  AND, i call my pharmacy once or twice a day.

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Well, that was a huge effort just answering your question...no resonse from anyone else...

Happy New Year !!
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