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Non Stop HIV OCD

I received a used dirty cup at a bar. Sadly I noticed it to late! At the bottom of the the cup was a red substance that could have been blood. Also, the rim of the cup had a brown stain on it from the lips of another person. I placed my lips on the dirty rim, and ingested the red substance at the bottom. I am fearful that I contracted HIV. Something like this happens to me almost every day! I live in constant fear of HIV infection. My Psychiatrist can not seem to help me. Is there anything I should be doing? Any words of advise? This is stealing my life away and making me physically sick. Thank you!!!
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Did your psychiatrist go over the transmission modes of HIV?  Everything you described is not a transmission method.  HIV dies once it comes into contact with the air which is why not everyone is walking around with it.  If it was transmitted like the flu virus, we would all have hit.  Thank your lucky stars for that one.  You absolutely cannot get HIV from a cup.  What did the psychiatrist diagnose you with?  
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OCD, Depression and anxiety. THANK YOU!
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Okay...so you have a diagnosis.  Now you need to learn CBT, cognitive behavioral therapy from a psychologist.  You can check with your psychiatrist but most of the time they don't teach CBT.  What did your psychiatrist discuss with you as far as getting better?  What did he/she say to do?  

Incidentally, I want you to think about this.  Statistically if you were an EMT and you stuck yourself with a needle that you had just used on an HIV positive patient, you would have less than a 1 percent chance of becoming HIV positive.  It is not an easy virus to get believe it or not.  
have a call into my psychiatrist right now.  Will see my Psychologist next Thursday.
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Thank You Very Much! Great question that you posed to me. I will think about this very seriously. Have a wonderful evening...gbdjr
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