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OCD about good things happening to me in life

Hello all. Anyone ever had/have any advice for OCD where intrusive thoughts and feelings revolve around good things happening? Such as having a thought about the devil and the devil causing something good to happen in the OCD sufferer's life? Like something in life happening, such as wealth or success, because the devil made it happen, which was caused by a thought of the devil and/or a thought of wanting the help to make the good thing happen? Because I do have these kinds of thoughts all of the time, all day everyday. And it is just extremely torturous.
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Hi there....while I have intrusive thoughts, they do not encompass what you are talking about.  Having said that, I'm sure you realize that OCD is different for everybody.  What I have learned over the years is that my thoughts will go to the extreme...things that are hard to prove or disprove.  After all, we are always looking for closure to our thoughts and you "can't" get it if you latch on to something like your thought.  The devil isn't going to show up so you can ask him if he is responsible...right!  So retraining your brain needs to happen so that when you think the thought you don't run with it in your mind.  

Have you seen a psychologist about this?  Received a formal diagnosis of OCD?  

It is hard to explain but in reality you need to embrace the thought with a "whatever" statement.  If you feed into it, it will continue to plague you.  I used to "run" from my thoughts...how quick could I get out of the flight or fight response but I took a mindfulness meditation class and I learned a very powerful phrase and it is "I am aware of."  So instead of running from my thought I acknowledge them.  I say "I am aware of feeling anxious."  

Obviously I am no expert but rather an OCD sufferer that has been doing this a long time.  A psychologist is the best starting point.  

Good luck!  
Can you explain more? I have the same fears that my life is going good because of the devil and I'm going to hell. What does the meditation do? I've tried some
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Hi Bringus. Do you still struggle with this? I do too so bad. Now I think I'm addicted to everything- people, sugar, everything and I'm going to hell. My thoughts just transform to get the very best of me and I feel so tortured!
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