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OCD drinking and cheating fear


I have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder that tends mainly to focus on health worries especially blood and other virus contaminations. I am on medication and this has helped hugely.

Recently and after coming to the end of a rather stressful work period I had a few too many drinks in a hotel bar with a few colleagues. In the morning I remembered parts of the evening including some conversations and moments such as ordering drinks, going outside for a smoke etc. When I awoke the next morning and started to try to piece together the evening due to worries about how I behaved I started to worry whether I had slept with someone or done something sexual. My worry is around the period when I went to my room and left others to go their own way so can check with them.

I know it is easy for some to dismiss this as crazy but I have genuinely tried over a number of days to tell myself that I can't remember doing anything like that while I seem to remember other parts of the evening. I am now posting this as feel I am at a tipping point of either being consumed with worry or being able to dismiss this as all in my mind. Basically I presume most people not suffrering with some form of anxiety or OCD would simply argue if I can remember other parts of the night I would certainly remember a sexual act.

I am married with two children - that is why I am so concerned.

I have now taken the decision not to drink any more but would value advice on my specific situation above.

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I’m am Pure-O ocd and alcohol is a major trigger for me. I am married and I also have obsessive thoughts of having cheated when I was drunk, even though I know i really didn’t.
Just put it behind you, and try to move on.
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