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OCD fear of HIV/Hep C

Last december i was tested for STD's and it came back that I had antibodies for Hep C and negative for HIV. I went and to a viral load test and there seemed  to be no virus in my system. I took the results to a internal medicine doctor and they told me I was one of the lucky ones who fought the virus off. Anyways my worrysome self kicked in and i starting thinking the test was wrong and I had HIV or something so I went to get tested for HIV again at the end of March and it again was negative but i was on antibiotics which Ive found out also on this website that they would not have effected the test. I do not consider myself a very risky person i am a 24 year old healthy straight male. I had two unprotected partners in Oct and Nov of the previous year before I was originally tested. So it was 4 months before I was tested for HIV at the end of MArch and i hear 3 months is 100%. Long story short everything is telling me Im okay but i cant let it go every ache or pain in my body i start thinking it has to be one of the diseases and yesterday and today i have had some adbominal discomfort and saw it was a symptom of Hep C and now im obsessing about it again. Any advice or information would be very helpful on moving on or what I should do

oct-nov 2011 - 2 unprotected partners
end of dec 2011- STD test came back positive for hep C antibodies HIV negative
end of March 2012- tested again for HIV (on antibiotics) negative

Thank you very much for your help!
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