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OCD from PPIs, acid blockers - ideas?

Hello, has anyone ever taken PPIs or acid blockers (such as Prilosec, Prevaid, Nexium, Protonix, Zantac, Pepcid, etc) & had an increase in OCD or anxiety?  I had peptic ulcer a while back (not caused by h. pylori), & all of these meds seem to make my OCD almost intolerable (especially when I'm at work looking at spreadsheets full of numbers).  I thought the issue could have been that they were making my medications not absorb properly, but it looks like these meds actually cause temporary changes in the brain for some people.  I did the usual things for an ulcer (careful with food, no alcohol or soda, no smoking, etc.), but healing that was awful.  I went to a gastroenterologist who didn't seem surprised at the meds causing these issues, but she also didn't really have any ideas other than figuring out which medication I could tolerate the best.  I'm worried that I might have another ulcer, so I was wondering if anyone had better luck with certain stomach medications or any other ideas in general (p.s. I'm not big on homeopathic remedies...).  Thank you!!!
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The best place to find side effects of a med are to Google a reputable source like Mayo Clinic or read the package insert you got since it is where mayo would get their info. Anyone who tells you they have a side effect that isn't listed on the label is just giving personal anecdotal evidence which might be just in their imagination.
I don't see any side effects listed like what you are looking for and "the doc didn't seem surprised" is not easy to interpret from here - maybe the doc doesn't think it is possible either and didn't want to spend time arguing with you on something like that question?
Having gastritis can cause anxiety or depression. Anxiety is a complex issue and has many possible causes but i am doubting that a stomach pill is affecting your brain plus it hasn't affected anyone else's per the label..
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