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OCD help please

hi everyone because i have ocd and its becoming worst every year by year,and topics of my fears and stories are changing moment to moment,for the moment i obsess about reality and afraid that im living in matrix,today strange thing happened to me,while i was entering the building where i live theres a main door and second door which is double door when i came to open a women who live in the same building opened the same door at the same time with me so we cross  each other i came home made my lunch and spend almost one hour at home and then wanted to go out again,so i went downstairs and i heard that main door is opening at that time i had something in my mind so i kind of waited few second then continue to the double doors and when i came to open the same women opened the door at the same time with me twice i began to obsess about reality again what if this was a program of matrix and theres no chance that this could not  happened because this was already programed,i went out people seems to me fake i was thinking what if they are all figuration not real help me please to clear this up.
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This sounds like more than OCD. This kind of thinking could be indicative of a deeper mental health issue. My father started having the same kinds of feelings and thoughts that just kept getting worse and worse. He eventually saw a psych doctor and was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder. If you have the means to I would strongly suggest going to see a psychiatrist and discussing your current issues with them. There are a number of treatments that can help reduce or even eliminate these kinds of thoughts and allow you to get back to living a normal life. I hope everything works out for you. Good luck and take care.
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