I am karthik(26).I am an engineer.I suffer by (OCD-Obsessive compulsive disorder) last 3 year. I taking medicine.Even though i not feel any,Good improvement.I Can't able to stop thinking,Really I worrying about this disorder,my feature life,Marriage,Family(still i not share this things with my parents also).Now, i started to go YOGA.
To Overcome this.I feal very alone(Helpless).Is this will cure or not?Now what i want to do...Pls guide me.
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hello karthik,you cannot cure ocd but you can get control on it .Yoga can help but i don't think its too much effective in case of  ocd, you are taking medicines for last three years but have you tried cognitive behavior therapy?
This type of therapy specially exposure therapy is very much effective in case of ocd , you should consult a psychologist to learn therapy, you can also take help from the book "Overcoming Obsessive Thoughts: How to Gain Control of Your OCD "by christine purdon, its really helpful for pure o sufferers.
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Hi Karthik,

A few questions for you:

What exactly are you worried about.  What are the thoughts that keep bothering you?

What medication are you taking and what is the dosage (how much are you taking per day)?

There are a number of different medications that can help with OCD and because everyone is different, some medications are more effective for some people than others.

What country are you from?   Did you get your medication from a regular doctor or from a psychiatrist (a mental disorder specialist)?

Part of getting over OCD is having someone you can talk to about it.   A therapist would be the best choice.   Is there a reason why you have not told your parents about your problem?   Is there at least a friend who you can talk to?

Yoga is good, as is meditation but I would also recommend getting regular vigorous exercise, like running or riding a bicycle.  It burns off some of the energy that is flowing through your body and takes your mind off of the upsetting thoughts.
Dear sir, Thanks for your reply....About my family:Father,Mother are Tailor(Middle Class,not educated).Younger sister is teacher.She is cool not like me.
My Father wont speak more with anyone with me also & i also wont speak more,he like response-less,strict,less income,Simply I have say means,till now he not pickup to hospital,He not purchase single dress to me.But,he Good Person with honest.
My Mom is the  only reason to i become an engineer(helps like, economical arrangement,motivation  & negative feedback,little pressure for future).she handwork,committed person.I can't heart my mom for any reason.Father & mother marriage life is not that much happy.  
From childhood its self my of Characters...
Negative: little fear,smart-less in works,anxiety,worrying,I wont play any Games,lazy.
Positive: i used to think different,My Hobbies try to design,creating,writing something. Different thinking,I try to do 100% my work.I wont loose my confident simply.I will try,Hard-work, i wont listen the class(use to imagine,thinking something),But,I will pass the examination using some tricks & idea.
Its the answers for your questions..
1)I worried about my anal sphincter is may not clean after washing also,I keep on cleaning & wasting the water,Its happen when morning in toilet washing & shower.
In day time i getting thought some times only like,my anal sphincter is not clean.I have kind  of this thinking problem,we have OCD.
How I will overcome this(bothering)?,What about our future?How i going to get marriage?If the society know this thing,how they will treat me? It's all my worries.But,when concentrate in work i wont think anything.
Night-venlafaxine hydrochloride-2,Clonazepam-1.
Morning-venlafaxine hydrochloride-1.(Some days i forgetting take this morning tablet)
3)I am from India.I getting treatment from a psychiatrist.They giving only tablet.No other therapy,counselling,Idea,Messages to overcome this.  
4)I can not imagine that,If my family,friends  treat me a mentally challenged person & Their Approach may change.I am the only hope to my family.They cannot  diagnose &  understand about this. definitely one day,i will share this with my

Just now i want overcome this,I dont  know how? pls help me,I struggle with this around 3 year.I want live & enjoy this life peacefully.

you can take help from the book"Overcoming Obsessive Thoughts: How to Gain Control of Your OCD "by christine purdon.This book will be really helpful for you.
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How is yoga helping?
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