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Obsessed with Band aids?

Does anyone else have issues with always wanting to put band-aids on their bare feet or heels?          

Even when I dont have blisters on my feet, I feel compelled to put bandaids over the backs of my heels, where just a little bit is showing, and sometimes also around the insides of the arch of my foot where my big toe rubs up against the shoe. For me, its kinda peculiar because for the past few years Ive put band aids on every day like its a ritual, even though I adamantly refuse to wear any kind of socks or hose when Im wearing any kind of shoes, whether flats or sneakers or high heels.

It started simply enough a few years ago, but now its gotten to where Im obsessing about making sure my band aids are in just the right spot on my foot so that I can still see them to know that they are there. Now, Im constantly check to make sure Ive got extra bandaids, just in case.
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My issue with band aids is that I have to always have them on hand.  I have to have my own in case of a paper cut or such.

Do you know why you started putting band aids on your feet and heels?  I have never heard of this.  I am just curious.

I hope you can find some relief.
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I started putting band-aids on my feet at first because I was always getting blisters from where my bare skin would be rubbed raw from wearing uncomfortable shoes. I wear alot of high heels without pantyhose, which results in alot of blisters. I also wear various other shoes, always without socks, including ballet flats, penny loafers, moccasins, mary janes, and more recently ankle booties. Nearly all of those shoes look better without socks or hose, especially if you have pretty feet like me, so I for the sake of fashion end up constantly having blisters on my heels and feet.

At first I was just wearing bandaids to help keep the blisters from popping, but before long I was wearing band-aids prospectively over the places I expected I might get blisters. Before long I got into the routine to where I was putting bandaids on my heels or feet every morning, the same way that some people put on socks or hose, except I was wearing bandaids instead of socks.

I dont know when it was that I started to love the feel and look of bandaids, because the rational side of me thinks it is silly, but somewhere along the line I started to really love the way they looked, and I always wanted to be sure that both myself and others could see the bandaids covering my heels, peeking over the back of my shoes. Now, I've gotten to where I think my feet only look pretty when sporting band-aids, so I feel like I have to wear them all the time.  Its like I cant dream of wearing shoes without bandaids.

I knew it was kinda wierd, but it seemed harmless enough, so I didnt think it was a big deal. Then the other day at work my boss asked me something about why I was always wearing bandaids on my feet, and I just went blank. Another co-worker who had overheard the comment chimed in, and said that she and the other girls at work had noticed that I always wore shoes without socks, but that they could usually see where I had band-aids on the backs of my heels. I felt extremely embarassed, turned red in the face, and tried to say I had problems with blisters, but knew that it sounded like a lame excuse.

Maybe they all just think Im some kind of crazy chain-smoking, band aid obsessed shoe-a-holic weirdo lady - and maybe they'd be right - but thats why I was wondering who else has a secret love of wearing band-aids on their feet.  Hope Im not the only one!
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I dont think its a big deal to wear band-aids over your blisters when you are wearing different shoes or heels. Wearing them every day could be expensive, but whatever works for you, I wouldnt worry about it too much.
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OMG, I love band aids too!

They are the best! I dont even own any socks so i like have wear band-aids on my bare feet all the time so my shoes dont give me awful blisters. So cool, no worries =)
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Actually, my 9 year old daughter loves wearing bandaids too, and wears them almost every day.

She always wears either little flats from Payless Shoes or knockoff Keds sneakers, but she refuses to wear socks and often times gets blisters and has to wear band-aids. The socks thing is funny, because she used to throw an absolute fit when asked to wear socks, so I gave up on that years ago, especially since I pretty much never wear socks myself either and Im 35. Anyways, she loves wearing band aids so much I now have to remember to buy her a box every other time I go to the grocery store. I figured its harmless
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hi i am 35 and i also love to wear band aids on all my fingers mainly @ home (in bed) so my wife could ask me what happened
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Im really starting to think this band-aid obsession of mine is starting to get out of hand, because I found that Ive gotten to where I almost won't wear shoes or heels barefoot without my bandaids. Given that I wear some type of flats or high heel barefoot without pantyhose or stockings or socks almost every single day, it means that I basically have found that I am putting bandaids on the bare skin on the backs my heels and inside arches of my feet, even when I havent gotten blisters yet.

When I went blackfriday shopping with my mother and sister, I ended up spending the majority of the day alone in the car in the parking lot chainsmoking while waiting on them to finish, because the only thing I was interested in shopping for was shoes. Whenever we'd go to a store that had shoes for sale, I always insisted on trying the shoes on, even as everyone around us was in a frenzy to grab everything on sale.

Without fail, every single time I pulled my bare foot out of my shoe to try-on a different shoe, someone would comment about the band-aids  covering my feet as slid my bare feet in and out of one new pair shoes after another. I felt very self conscious about it everytime a hurried salesman would see the band-aids covering my bare feet and trying to offer me a nylon sock before trying on another pair of shoes, but I would always decline because I never like wearing those nylon mini-stockings, and I prefer the feeling of the leather rubbing against my bare foot to make sure the fit is right.

Everytime I a salesmen would touch my bare feet or the band aids coverig my feet while trying to help me try on another pair of shoes, I would shutter just a bit with something I can't quite explain, it wasnt quite painful, and might have almost been pleasurable in an embarassing sort of way. But then without fail someone, whether a salesman or a complete stranger just standing around, staring at my feet as I try on shoes, would have to say something about how my my feet hand bandaids all over them. Ive never had so many strange men just blurt out something about the bandaids on my bare feet while I tried on shoes, I dont know if it was just a black friday thing or what, but it lasted almost all day and it made me increasingly embarassed to the point where I eventually had to stop buying shoes and just go back and wait in the car to chainsmoke alone.

I dont know if that makes me neurotic or OCD or what, but I felt compelled to continue wearing these bandaids on my bare feet with any kind of shoe I wear, over an over again, even when I dont have any blisters.

Has anyone else at all felt anything like this before?
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I am also obsessed with bandaids. I love to put bandaids on my hands and fingers. It started when I was a young girl. Also I usually bandage my hand. I love when I have most of my fingers on both hands covered in bandaids and bandaged hand. I often go with them in public. I like when everybody ask what happened to me. I always invent a justification. When I don't have any bandaid, I feel bare and incomplete.
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I totally get that. Its like the bandaids themselves are totally essential to feel right. Mines been getting alot worse lately. Like alot worse.

Like I cant wear shoes without putting bandaids on my bare feet first. Not necessarily all over them, but I usually have to have at least three or four bandaids on each foot, with at least two of them being over the back of my heel before I put on shoes.

Ive stopped wearing socks with my shoes completely. Like I dont even own socks anymore. I didnt have many to begin with, but I found every single pair of socks or pantyhose in my house and donated it to Goodwill back at new years. (and claimed a tax deduction!). Now there's no way I can wear socks or pantyhose at any point because I literally dont own any and refuse to buy any more.

So I wear all of my shoes completely barefoot - except for the fabric bandaids I wear on my feet. Its like if Im wearing my shoes barefoot, but without bandaids, I feel almost like Im naked. But not in that good way. I mean, Ive gone to work wearing a skirt without panties before to feel more light hearted and everything and sexy - but this is different. I feel naked like in that young girl who is afraid show her body off at the summer swiming pool - like that kind of embarassed. I mean, I love the look of my bare feet and bare skin inside the shoe leather - but I feel like I need to have the bandaid on protecting my feet - even when there is no blister at all. Even if there is no risk of a blister. - i still MUST have those bandaids!
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I have an obsession with bandaids because I am scared of infection so I cover up every little knick and scratch that I have. I went through 100 in a week covering up a paper cut on my finger tip and a cat scratch on my hand. If I could not wear them I would be happy because it would mean that I didn't have cuts to cover.
Perhaps you are worried about getting a blister and are being proactive?
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I totally hear you. I think I could have gone through 100 bandaids on my bare feet in a week easily, Im so glad to know Im not alone.

Oh god I just love band aids. They make me feel so sexy when I see them on my feet.

I just put bandaids on my heels while at the office and I feel so turned on by it, I can't even explain it. Ive been in a long meeting at work at had this guy next to me staring at my bare legs and high heels for the past two hours, so acting very sexy like, I slowly and seductively put two pairs of bandaids over the back of each heel right in front of him under the table, right when he was just staring at my feet and legs. During a break I even asked him if he'd help me put the bandaid over the blisters on my heels, and I think he just about lost it.

Then I was just messing with him, where I was all dangeling my shoe off my foot with my toes, accidentally dropping my shoe, then "accidentally" bumping him with my bare foot under the table. I know its bad for me to do that, especially since I know hes married, but I cant help it. I just love messing with him, and I feel ten times sexier when Im doing it while wearing bandaids.
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Hi Rachel,

I don't think your band aid obsession is anything to worry about. They don't do any harm, do they? They protect your feet. Some people might find it odd, some people will find it sexy. I totally agree with you, I think it's very sexy, too. So just go for it, it makes you feel good and sexy and you deserve that. Much better than other habits which affect your skin/body physically. (By that I don't mean smoking btw, since I personally find that sexy, too, but that's a different matter, since it can actually affect you, and I don't want to seem to advocate that on here :-)

Take care

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