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Obsessive Checking

Background: I posted a question on this website a few days ago regarding hand jobs and the transfer of STD's. After receiving an answer and spending about 3 hours of research online, I came to the conclusion that it was not likely to catch an STD for someone merely touching themselves then touching me.

Last Saturday morning, I woke up and went to the toilet. Upon going to the restroom I noticed a spot of irritated skin (probably just red from dry skin or something) I began checking it non stop. At first I had convinced myself I had caught syphilis, despite not having symptoms that resembled what I read online. I was sure I would end up with it.

I began coming up with reasons to go to the restroom to check this spot out. Eventually I irritated it and now have cracked skin from the constant checking. Needless to say this is making my anxiety worse. When it seems to subside I find something else to check ie lymph nodes, read about other possible ailments.

This is really upsetting to me. While I'm usually able to keep anxiety at bay this is really difficult. Does anyone else experience issues like this. I am torn between knowing that I am OCD and worried that I'm not really obsessive and I should be legitimately worried about having something wrong with me.

Does anyone know of good ways to stop oneself from checking? Any good reading materials to help? Recommendations?!
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if ur ocd is getting worse then why are you looking for just online suggestions, we cant prescribe you medicines here, consult a psychiatrist  and also look for a therapist for exposure and response prevention therapy, just by stop checking ur problem will not solve
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