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Is this some kind of personality disorder?
I am a 40 year old male and after my last serious relationship failed I noticed how unusual my personality is to anyone. After 10 months of extensive self evaluation I determined that I have an extremely obsessive personality if I have an interest in something. I have had this obsessiveness since child hood and all my life I have assumed everyone was just like me.  During the past 40 years of my life this obsessive behavior has allowed me to out perform and achieve great things during my life, but now I see that it is also has caused me a great deal of personal and financial problems. I am constantly on a personal and financial roller coaster and can't maintain a relationship with any significant other because of my tendency to get so consumed in whatever Interest I my have. I get so obsessed with things that a hobby only last for 2 months. Usually by the end of that I have mastered every aspect to a professional level and loose interest because there is nothing left to learn or accomplish. The biggest problem is I am so consumed with that project I can't even run my business and work. I basically ignore everyone around me and I am constantly searching for any information I can get my hands on about whatever I'm obsessed about. The biggest problem is that I don't see this obsession and by the time I am done I look around and my business is on the edge is collapse and my personal relationships are in trouble because I have ignored them during this time. After these obsessive episodes I look around and see my business in trouble and then I get obsessed with it trying to dig myself out of a jam. Then I will usually make a lot of money, so the pressure is off and it's starts all over again. I have also noticed that anything I have the desire to do is the same way. I am a single man now and today I saw myself for the first time being obsessed with dating woman and sex. I joined about every dating site on the Internet and instead of working like I should I spend all day and all night on these sites setting up dates with these women. I will go on 2 dates with different women in 1 day and have sex with them. At this point I have no idea why I'm doing this! I think I'm just obsessed with the process and the hunt of it. I just don't really know.   I would greatly appreciate any incite that can help me maintain a normal life.

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Hi there.  There are times when OCD does "help" so to speak.  It made me a much better student in college but it also caused me to obsess about other things that were not productive.  

I think it is time that you see a psychologist and talk about these issues.  Is this possible for you?  It sounds like you may be self-employed???  
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