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Pgad and ocd?

Hello everyone, three months ago I started with pgad, which is a condition that you feel unwanted sexual arousal, it is horrible, I couldn't even sleep, at some moments It goes away and others it will return.
I went to more than 12 different doctors, anyone knew what was happening.
I have ocd, this year is going to be my 5th year with ocd and with anxiety, with despersonalization and irreality.
I went to the hospital and they recommend me to go to a psyquiatrisc (i don't know how to write it,I'm sorry) and she recommend me sertraline, and when 8 weeks passed of taking sertraline I started to feel better, and know sometimes there are days that I'm 5 days without it, which I feel incredible thankful, but 2 days ago the sensation return again, the arousal I mean,
I have ocd, a lot of types, hocd, rituals, compulsive...
And anxiety, and also borderline personality.
Do you think that the persisten geniatal arousal that I'm experiencing is because of this things?
Thank you so much, I will be very happy if someone can help me. Thank you.
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It very well can all be intertwined.  So the only medication you currently take is sertraline?  Perhaps a slightly higher dose would be more beneficial??
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Yes, I take only sertraline right know, maybe if the doctor change me the dose or put a higher dose? Will it be better?
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Yes, I only take sertraline, do you think if the doctor recommends me a higher dose will it be better?
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