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Pulling out hair (on head)

I have really bad Trichotillomania.  I do it whether I'm bored or under stress.  I am taing 200 mg zoloft and klonopan.  I feel good except I pull my hair out.  It feels good but looks awful.

Any ideas on how I can stop?

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hi, i have trich aswell.. i started when i was 14.. im now 25 and still doing it.. i hate how my hair looks now and ow the texture has changed. i actually went to the docs today but he didnt even know ehat trich was and basically couldnt help me... i mentioned therapy but he said there would be no point as there are people with more serious probs than hairpulling.. i came out in tears.. this is the third time ive tryed at he docs now. oh but he did give me a web site that he thought mite help, ive negative thought about it to be honest but im at that point where ill try anything now.. i want it all to stop. moodgym.au
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Try to find another dr.  Trichotillomania is a real disease and part of being OCD.  I notice  I don't do it around other people. Just when I'm alone.  I feel for the hairs that have weird textures and pull them out.  Sometimes I save them to feel later.  I do have bald spots.  My dr. has me on Zoloft - 200 mg - but it;s not helping.  I'm going to keep searching until I find a cure. I hope you keep searching too.  You're not crazy.  It's just an anxiety issue that has manifested itself into hair pulling.  It's probably better than doing other stuff to ourselves.  Good luck.
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