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Rocking in bed

Hi my name is Tiffany. Wen in bed mostly I have to lay on my side like fetal position and rock my body back and forth. Used to be only wen I was sick but now it's every night and morning and sumtimes during day if I lay down.. I've been doing this I think since I was 10. I'm now 31yrs old. I always seem to only do it wen time for bed till I fall asleep and can be up to like 6-10hrs! And wen I wake up in the morning, then it'll all a sudden stop. I thought it was only wen I didn't feel good but it's every day! In my last relationship it was a problem cuz it would rock the bed so I'd have to go sleep on couch till it stopped. (makes me tear up just thinking about it) and its embarrassing so I'll shut door so I can't get caught. I now live back at home and mom yells at me if she catches me and has said harsh things liks like oh my gawd your an enbarresment or look at yourself in mirror u look like ur having a seizure or o god ur sick again?! I've tried everything to stop. Even wen I am sick I'll rock on purpose cuz it makes me feel better. Maybe cuz it keeps my mind focused on it? I actually was just rocking here in bed about an hr then all a sudden I stopped so I got out my iPad and looked this up. Is there a name for this? A medication to stop? It's not restless leg syndrome. Help plz :(
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