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Sensorimotor OCD

Hi, I have had sensorimotor for some time, which has come in many of the typical forms, such as blinking, swallowing, etc.  Recently I have become very ticklish and aware of my neck, and when anything touches it I become distracted and uncomfortable.  I have also become aware of my bladder and nearly constantly feel like I need to relieve myself when I really don't.  There seems to be so much pressure and tension in these areas of the body.  Has anyone dealt with sensorimotor OCD when it becomes just strong sensations in various body parts, rather than the more common symptoms?  I would like to do ERP, CBT, and mindfulness for these areas too, but neither I nor my psychologist have dealt with these obsessions before.  Any tips?
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i have done myself cbt for these things

1 for bladder stop ur self from going to toilet again and again
2 for ur neck problem u have to do exposure exercises like
a)like moving ur neck very fast
b) touching it again and again
c)get a massage from someone on ur neck

basically u have to expose urself to anxety create situation, u can also urself search which things trigger these thoughts and remain in those situations
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thank you, sounds like a good plan.
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Hi there....123tushar07 is right in that you can't give into the impulse.  I had that whole bathroom thing going on in college and I realized that I had to say ENOUGH and not let myself go back in.  Of course that resulted in anxiety so I used this breathing technique.  You take a deep breath in through you nose, hold it for 5 seconds and count this out in your head, then let it all out through your mouth.  You can practice this laying down at first but honestly you can do this breathing technique anywhere at anytime and nobody will even be aware you are doing it.  You can use it for anything that increases your heart rate.  

As for the psychologist not having dealt with this...that is a bit strange.  But the reality is CBT is CBT so you learn how to breathe, you learn how to self-coach, you practice journaling your thoughts...replacing those negative ones with positive ones.  
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