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Skin picking due to anxiety and ptsd

Well let me start by saying as a child I witnessed some pretty grusome things no child should ever see which left me mentally scarred and on top of that I always suffered from anxiety and depression and as a result i went thru my late teens and all of my 20's as a hardcore drug user I was shooting heroin before I was even 17 so all the way up to be age 28 when I first went to prison I used drugs and things took a terrible turn for the worse after I served two years in the state prison because now I have PTSD on top of anxiety and depression and now I have mental issues I never imagined such as picking my skin for hours sometimes to the point of intense pain and heavy bleeding and now I barely have a clean towel shirt orashcloth because it's all drenched in blood and my body is covered in sores that I compulsively scratch and pick and as a drug user I've had abscesses before many times but n the sores thats covering 70% of my body look horrible and it's almost spring I pray to God I can stop picking these sores long enough for them to heal which I probably  wont somebody please help me..oh and I have type 2 diabetes also so basically I'm playing Russian roulette having these open wounds and having diabetes
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I am really sorry for all you have gone through.  Are you working with a psychiatrist?  This is essential here.  A psychiatrist and psychologist to work on treating the obsessions and compulsions.  Don't go it alone.  You may need medication, most with severe ocd do. And there is no shame in this. You take medication for diabetes, right?  This is a disorder just like that.  Let me what your treatment has been thus far and we'll go from there.  But I feel for you.  I want this to get better for you.  hugs
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Oh dear I am so sorry to hear that. You are not alone. You just have to come out of your shell and to take a brave step. You have to fight for yourself. Don't feel embarrassed at all. It's not what u want. So please it's time to seek medical help. Doctors are there to help us. Just stand up  for yourself now. Even if at first it might seem difficult but you  have to start a new life don't look back. I have gone through much difficult times, as I have ocd too but I have learnt to manage it. But  now u should go to  a doctor so that he could help u..
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