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Strange body odor follwing me

This gonna be a bit long, but I'm really serious and everyday is like hell so I'd appreciate if you read this and help me.

I thought it was GI problem or skin problem first time, but all the test results were healthy so every dr. sent me to psychiatrists.

I still think it's physical or neurological problem but people treat me like I'm mental so I write here. (No offense)

I've always had IBS all my life, and sometimes had body odor, but both were normal range and had nothing to do with each other. I mean when my IBS had really flared up there was no BO. and I'm hygienic person, I shower everyday for 1 hrs.

It started when I stayed in humid hot country. I'm weak to spicy foods or hot weather or stress, so I guess the place was the trigger--I developed severe underarm odor and become really gassy.

I'm usually a bit gassy and it's been odorless. But after staying that country(hot weather, severe stress, terrible diet) my body odor and gas(sorry, yuck) became really offensive.

So when I came back home I tried to eat healthy, lots of vegetables, limited proteins, no processed foods, etc...

Strange thing happens from here.
My skin odor disappeared and gas became nearly odorless, but strange smells started to follow me.

First I thought it was environment problem because it was not human BO. It was raw sewage smell or strange ammonia odor(not women's odor, pure ammonia smell), sometimes dirty clothe smell sometimes just undescribable something.

but time passes by I realized it was me. Because it followed me and when I bent down I could smell it coming from my body.

Then I thought I had rectal problem so intestinal gas leaking, but it was not.
One day I felt something more subtle than air coming out from my groin area and this air-like something was carrying the smell of my urine INSIDE my bladder. I didn't leak any urine, and my underwear, clothe were clean and my groin area skin didn't smell,
Something very subtle, air-kind something was seeping out from my body emitting odor of my inside.

Now you think I'm mental. don't you?
Sometimes I think I'm crazy too. and I WISH I were crazy.

And this smells change up to places, foods, condition, hormonal change, mood, or even weather.
I really can't pinpoint which thing trigger which smell. I just always have BO that follows me like radiation. Strange thing is my skin rarely have any BO now. (or my gas)
It's.... more like aura around me.
So people doesn't notice it was me first time, but slowly they start to notice it's me.

More bizzar thing is, this smell can travel to hundred meters in sec.
I saw all the people walking hundred meters ahead me suddenly stare back at me, then start to look around as if they thought 'normal looking person like me' cannot emit this kind of odor spreading so vast area.

Plus, my family or friends or docs can't detect this smell. (though nurses can smell it I don't know why)
Many strangers can smell it (one day whole compartment of subway glared at me because of my smell. I remember the angry disgusted glares of people. I don't take subway after that.)
Some people mention it 'what the hell is that smell'... 'who **ted'... 'that's her'...
But my friends can't smell it. They are not lying. They usually point out my every defects, so when they say they don't smell, it's true.

Further strange thing is, the smell changes up to places.
Sometimes it start to emit in basement or bathroom, sometime in alleys, sometimes at my home, it just changes and I don't know why.

Just one more plus, some odors not emitted from me(like garbage smell or other persons smell) FOLLOWS ME.
One day there was an alcoholic in waiting room and I stayed there about one hour. After that day, for 2 days I emitted alcoholic stench from my body. I wasn't even sitting next to him but it was like my body aura absorbed the stench!

Think it was demanding reading, sorry.
But I had to vent all the strange symptoms that's killing me everyday.
How can this kind of symptom exist?

Severe BO? I can live with that. But smell of my inside gut or bladder escapes me?!! and it spreads to vast area in seconds?! and whatever I eat however I shower the smell doesn't go away?! and the BO is not normal human stench?

Sometimes the smell is so not human, more like sulphur substance in Lab, I can blame it to sewage problem.

Now I'm taking xanax to calm me down, and it helps me about sulfhuric odor, but when I take xanax too much it becomes rotten garbage odor.

Already too long to read, I'll add some more in replies.

Is anyone here have this problem?
What the hell is this? How can physically this kind of thing exist?

PLZ, somebody, help me.
My psychiatrist gave up on me and just throw me some xanax sometimes risperdal but they don't work much.

Oh, and every physical dr (GI, Hormonal, Traditional docs) gave up on me too.
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Please reply me up . if you find the way to be free again with this problem. we have the same experience. some of my friends can't smell it but the others does. Some of girls smell it but the others not. It affects my life when that bad smells exist in my life. Im just only 15 i want to do more but this bad smell will affect this , my life :''( Please Help. and thank GOD im not the only one that have this problem. So Thank you .
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Hey. You got it . when im nervous i can smell that. when im with my friends, family i cant , they cant smell that. But why? PLease advice me up , help me for this. Thanks . Im just only 15 .
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I feel exactly the same.  I too have nothing good happening to me in my life, its like i cant move foreward, and now this fecal odor.  It must be a curse or something.  Cant accomplish anything in my life, as though there is a invisible barrier or some invisible forces that destroy everyting precious in my life.  Its funny i now strongly believe there is more to it than we see.  What also is interesting that hundreds of  people if not thousands suffer with this same fecal body odor, relentless nasty crap odor.  Its honestly a torture for me cause i can actually smell it and its dryving me crazy never mind what others think.  Its a torturrrrrrrrreeeeee!!!!!!!!!! Ive suffered with this for about5 years my self and im losing hope.  Can some doctors help us all?  Someone please help us. Please!!!!!!!!what could this crap be? My odor is like fecal/vomit like and nothing works and i have tried almost everything changed diet, bitters for liver, magnesium juicing , enemas.  I will tell you also that i have diverticulits/osis as per mri that i had. Any ideas please?
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I feel exactly the same.  I too have nothing good happening to me in my life, its like i cant move foreward, and now this fecal odor.  It must be a curse or something.  Cant accomplish anything in my life, as though there is a invisible barrier or some invisible forces that destroy everyting precious in my life.
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you have hit this on the head you have won cigar on this post
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I think I have the same problem, and I didnt have it when I lived in California. After i moved to New York, I moved to Texas. Thats when it started for me. I looked up info on ph balance for the body, and I think I am too acidic. So I stopped eating red meat, potatoes, etc. I eat healthy, brush and floss several times a day, shower daily, and even changed all my hygenic stuff to organic. (Shaving cream, toothpaste, shower gel) I drink water and almond milk, never drink soda, coffee. I still dont know what the problem is!!!!!!!!
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Hey we have the same, but i dont think if im acidic too. but i drink a lot of softdrinks i eat lot of junk foods, lot of rice , anything etc. But now i eat healthy foods . shower daily like yours etc. but when im with other friends or strange people its happening, they close thier nose ,go away etc. sorry im not good in english, Get well soon to us.GOD Bless to all.
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   Hey there and everyone else!

  I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE you to READ this article, you may be surprised.

  Best of wishes and luck to you all
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     here’s another one for everyone!

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Do you have any advice . For Diet or anything. Please Help :'( Im just 15 yrs old Boy. I dont know whats happening . Its ruining my life :(
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Hello guys, I'm OP. I hadn't come here for a long time because my symptom has just gotten worse and worse. I was completely house bound, couldn't go out even for grocery shopping.

But recently I got a bit better, and I wanna share this story with you guys, hope it would help.
about a year ago I found a mould patch on the wall. I sleep right under that mould patch, but I didn't think about it much.
Recently I covered that patch with a thick paper, but I found out some dampness just get out through that paper. Actually whole wall was wet and mouldy.

So I bought a new bed and installed it away from that wall.

about a week later, now, I feel much better.
Smell didn't go away completely, but it disappeared about 60%.
I ate bags of potato chips and I'm OK. I still stink a bit but this is nothing compared to before.

I'm starting to think maybe everything was about dampness.

Before I moved to this damp house, I traveled to foreign country and I had to endure three humid summers. Usually intermittent dry cold winters balanced my body but after spending that long summer, I guess my body became...humid?
You know, damp house and damp things all stink. No matter how you clean it. I guess the dampness itself is root cause, and other things(stress, food, heat) just aggravate it.

I don't know, it's been only a week. I'll wait and see. But...I really feel much better.
'and I avoid foods which aggravate dampness in body, like dairy. Dairy is worst. Greasy foods are next. Too much water was not good either.

Hope it helps, and I appreciate all your posts and sharings.
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Hey jslice im from the philippines and idk what to do. everytime i go outside some of my friends dont smell it but the others do. I tried anything like eating, drinking anything that can help but no work. I take a bath everyday 45 mins . Please help each other . Thanks GOD Bless and dont lose hope :)
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kendrix musta ka ngayon? share ka nmn.
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ppunta ko ngayong friday sa psychiatrist.papatingin aq saka baka makatulong rin. ikaw kamusta
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I have been experiencing the same things. However I think with sweat there is many different kinds! when you are nervous there is an odor, when you are not nervous and very sure of your self there is another odor, ( a not so smelly odor) I too have smells about me that no one else can smell, but I see others holding their nose when they are around me and it is normally when I am a little nervous.. try to analyze your situation and how you are feeling when these situations occur and please get back to me, because I am sure it will help both of us to understand a little more of whats going on with us!
You are right confidence plays a huge role in this demon
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Hey I'm experiencing this situation right now. I smell like a urine/fishy/sulfur/hydrogen sulfide/ and sometimes people say it like it smells like feces. And guess what. People can smell it 50 feet away. even my neighbor can smell it. And now they're closing their doors when i'm crossing the street. I feel so alone. and the smell may be worse after i eat fish. it was only one time i notice it like feces. but after i bath. that is where the smell comes out. it is sometimes like urine or feces. about 10 seconds after i bath the smell just fills up a room. and it is really embarrasing. i don't know if it is coming from my armpits. but everytime i got home to school and change my clothes. i'm smelling the armpit area and it smells like it mixed with the tawas because i only apply alum in my armpit. people who use alum in their underarms don't have any kind of smell that emit from their armpits. And also, i sweat alot.
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What did the psychiatrist say
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You're probably right. I'll post it again without any mention of religion, just in case. I think that if an angel appeared to most doctors they'd prescribe themselves schizophrenia medication. Ironically most people with psychiatric disorders... well, lets just say that medications only treat the symptoms, not the cause.)

But I don't think what any of us has is psychiatric, excepting the severe stress and anxiety, even fear, which the disease causes.  

UPDATE: The zinc and coppers seems to be working, somewhat. It has reduced my symptoms to manageable levels and I'm hoping that its also killing the fungus. Its important to take these minerals, rather than antibiotics, for several reasons. 1) Fungi and other microbes can develop resistances to antibiotics. They cannot develop a resistance to copper, for instance. It kills them dead every time. 2.) A proper zinc-copper balance allows your body to deal with the infection in an intelligent and highly organized way. The copper and zinc itself moving through the gut does a lot to damage to mother colony, but the copper and zinc which are absorbed are utilized by the body to build advanced cellular weaponry to attack the fungus in ways beyond our current understanding. Essentially, give the tools your body needs, and it will do the work for you. Most people are deficient in zinc. This also causes copper imbalance. Too much or too little of either mineral throw the balance out of wack and cause the same problems; so, for instance, if you take only zinc you are liable to cause copper deficiency, which has the same symptoms as zinc deficiency, and likewise if you are deficient in zinc you will have the symptoms of copper deficiency also, even if you have plenty of copper in your body (which most people do.) So its important to take both minerals--they act synergistically. Men need more zinc than women, also. I am taking A huge dose of 150-300mg of elemental zinc each day, and have been for about five days. I'm also taking 2-6 mg of copper citrate. I've had no bad symptoms so far, but some people report nausea when taking zinc on an empty stomach. I intend to start reducing the intake of both minerals to lower levels eventually, as it isn't advisable to take huge does of any mineral for too long; but, it does seem to treat the symptoms well. The zinc and copper which is absorbed is put to use by your body, and the zinc and copper which is not absorbed actually kills the fungi in your gut on contact. I'm going out tonight to buy magnesium to add to my mineral stockpile, as I hear that is very effective at curing internal body odor. Will keep everyone update. I AM DETERMINED TO FIND A CURE FOR US. DON'T LOSE HOPE YET.

I have a theory that it is caused by fungal infections. A lot of people have mentioned yeast. I do believe candida could be the cause for a lot of us These fungal infections aren't like a viral or even like a bacteria infection. If you think of a mushroom, that is a fungal colony. They form structures. A severe fungal infection actually involves the fungus forming highly intelligent highly complex supercolonies all throughout your digestive system, and then, I believe in our cases, actually creating holes in your intestinal lining in the same way that water and ice can crack roads, and the fungus spreading into the bloodstream and forming satellite colonies throughout the body--even in the brain. The  mother colony is always in the intestines though. That is why this is so hard to get rid of--because the fungus actually forms structures, you can actually imagine it like an ant or termite colony burrowing into your body. Even if you take extremely drastic measures and kill 30%, 50%, 70% of the satellite colonies in your body and gut, if even a fraction of the mother colony survives it can very rapidly repopulate by using the structures it already built for itself.

The reason I say fungus is because OP and other people have mentioned that they realized there was mold or a fungus around them when they got the symptoms. I just realized that, when my symptoms set in last spring, I was using a shower shared with four people and there was actually a huge black fungus growing in the shower which none of us bothered to clean (it was a college dorm.) I take very high showers symptoms and its likely that I either stepped in small particles or even more likely breathed in in through the steam. And from there is took off.

Different varieties of fungus would explain why different people have different odors. I think that the fungus can attach to organs and even the skin, and just like ice cracking a road, crack up tiny micro pores into your organs and skin pores allowing odors from inside your body to leak out. I bet you, for example, that the fungus attaches to hair follicles. I personally have found that shaving my hair very short all over my body reduces the symptoms, and for example a lot of it comes from my scalp. My skin doesn't smell normally but if I rub it really hard and fast for a few seconds and smell my hand or a towel, that there is a sharp pungent acrid smell which I can't smell normally. That is the smell which causes everyone around me to cough and sneeze and sniffle.

Therefore, since I believe this is caused by a fungus, I open the floor to anyone who knows about removing fungal infections. Personally I have been taking very high doses of zinc and copper and eating only organic white rice and and organic olive oil, and it seems like my symptoms are less severe... maybe 50% what it was a week ago (still bad.) It does get much worse when I am stressed or anxious, but I've also found that the zinc calms my nerves and makes me less sensitive to criticism. I'm also going to start taking magnesium internally, alongside the zinc and copper. Copper is strongly antifungal and zinc is another very powerful antimicrobial agent which is also deficient in most foods. Unfortunately the only food sources of zinc are red meats and eggs etc, which I cannot eat as it makes my symptoms worse.

I'm having a two week vacation in August and I'm going to go on a MEAT AND FAT ONLY diet, NO CARBS at all, alongside taking the zinc, copper, magnesium, iodine, very strong digestive aid with ox bile and pancreatin, and very powerful probiotic with 16 different strains. You can find all these very good supplements very cheaply at swanson vitamins, look for their deals and specials and buy strafegically. I'll tell y'all how everything goes. Wish me look. If I find success I will be certain to let all of you know. Thank you so much for having this forum.
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I forgot to mention this:


So today, a friend of mine reccomended I try oil pulling for good dental health. I decided to do it-- when you arise in the morning, before eating or drinking swish a vegetable oil around in your mouth for twenty minutes, taking care not to swallow any. The theory is that it pulls toxins out of your body, but more likely it kills the microbes in your mouth, and even kills microbes up to a millimeter deep into your gums and soft tissue. I did it with coconut oil, which was fine and not too unpleasant, but when I spit the liquid out (into the trash, not your sink) I had the most horrible taste in my mouth--as if I hadn't brushed my teeth in three weeks. Well, I imagine the oil pulling was a success! I then flossed my teeth for the first time in way too long, and cleared out very foul smelling gunk from between my teeth.

Next, I rinsed my mouth with a solution of salt water, iodine, and vinegar. I did this several times, first swishing around in the front of my mouth for a minute or so, then spitting, then doing the same again but this time also gargling in the back of my throat for a minute. GET THIS: when I spit it out, there were large chunks of... something. It had a mucous-like consistency but had a definite structure, was slightly dark, and definitely wasn't mucous. I think it was fungus. I think the fungus had mentioned to expand its colony throughout my digestive tract and all the way high into my throat. The oil pulling cleaned my mouth very well, and then gargling with salt water, iodine, and vinegar killed the fungus in my throat, and I managed to actually spit out chunks of it. This gives me more evidence that our problem is a fungal infection (most doctors, I have heard, will tell you that these mucous things are simply mucous, but common sense dictates otherwise. Yes, there is mucous on it, but the fungus itself has a structure which the mucous clings to. You will see what I mean if you try it.

I then went on to brush my teeth normally, but very thoroughly, with good tastepaste and baking soda, and then rinsed once more. At this point my mouth was very, very clean. So I took my most potent probiotic, with sixteen strains, opened up a capsule, and poured the powder into my mouth. It had a prebiotic in the formula and tastes sweet, like fructose. I did this twice. This is the repopulate my mouth with good bacteria, and is the same concept as swallowing the capsule, except people always forget that the front line in this war of your digestive tract is the mouth. Oral hygiene is very important, I believe, and frees up resources for your body to contain the enemy in other places.

I will continue this routine every morning from hereonout. Also be sure to shave yourself to be as hairless as possible, and to wash your hair either with strong shampoo, or as I do with antibacterial soap. Its very harsh but luckily my hair is naturally dry and tough so it doesn't affect me. Ladies, you may want to condition afterwards. That is all. Keep up the good fight everyone.
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Thanks for your posts. I think I'll try zinc and copper!

I've done the reverse of your diets - I tried pure vegetables. They worked. Gas and smell were significantly less, and people around me didn't notice anything... but I mean the random farts were still there, and I'm pretty sure the gas and smell would soon follow after extensive public exposure.

I mean, it's weird, all of us are fine at home when we're relaxed, but in public everything just goes haywire.

But yeah, I did a 24-hour nothing but boiled spinach deal because I wanted to go to a convention the next day. And those are my results... I'd like to keep doing that diet, but no one in the world can do that without having some deficiencies. And also, I'm too weak-willed to go vegetarian.

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I was on a similar diet for about a week. The first three days I fasted and only drank water; the next several days I ate kale, and other vegetables. After that I ate only rice, olive oil, kale, and spinach, but saw no reduction in my symptoms. The problem with starving the infection is that we also starve ourselves, and deplete our bodies' ability to fight for us. I don't think fasting would be effective at all unless one with very good health fasted with only water for several weeks. But most people are too nutritionally deficient for that. I believe that we need to eat nutritious foods if we're going to see long-term recovery.

I haven't started the "correct" diet yet, I'm still eating a vegan diet, mainly rice, olive oil, black rice, blue corn, and now I'm introducing hemp seed. I'm going to start slowly introducing animal foods now, and then make the full switch over to a low carbohydrate diet in two weeks. Which means the bulk of what I'll be eating will be cooked vegetables, and oil.

I think you'll do well to eat plenty of cooked vegetables. Check out the teachings of Dr. Lawrence Wilson at drlwilson.com. His articles on nutritional science have taught me a lot. He also has articles about fungal/candida infections, which I think we have.

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when I was approx. 12yrs I had a smell coming from my crotch area I would try to deflect the smell form the kid sitting next to me by pushing my chest hard into my desk in the hope that the smell would in some way push out the front of the desk rather than coming up to our noses (remember I was only twelve) in no way did I think this eradicated my smell but I thought that in would help. I could never concentrate at school it was hideous. I was so ashamed for years. When the kids queued for a lesson I would hide until they had gone into class thus avoiding contact in the queues.
I lived within 1 mile of school and would change my trousers and have a shower even though I had a shower before school. The smell then miraculous transferred to my feet they absolutely stink. I also had the problem of the first person in this post I thought other people had recognised me smelling. This would go on for years. I am retired now and do not have any occurrence of this problem. I feel more relaxed now than I ever have and this I think is the issue.
All of my life I have suffered with depression/anxiety and I think now this problem never existed, it took me a few decades to come to this conclusion. No one could have told me that I was imagining it. Now I am convinced these episodes were stress/ anxiety issues. If a person imagines himself to smell he/she does smell and that is the problem in a nut shell and that is why a person with this problem will not be convince otherwise. my advice would be to try as many different anti-anxiety drugs as you can to try to find one that works for you. Anyway I hope this helps
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this is OP..
plz forgive me not coming back for a long time and not responding to your posts and messages..
I simply didn't have any willpower or energy to do anything else than lying on the bed thinking what's wrong with me.
am I cursed? is this alien disease? am I crazy? am I dreaming?

Recently my smell got way worse without specific reason, I was completely house-bound for months.

But I found some weird thing going on which might be related to the smell.

I feel this blazing fire inside me--which makes my lungs feel like burning, filling my breath with some fire smoke.
Or I feel some heat or energy is exploding from inside, making my head really hurt(not just headache, but exploding pain) or making me suffocate without actual cause.
Sometimes I feel nauseous with uncontrollable anger rising.

This fire... I don't understand. It's not actual heat, not even the usual flush heat people experience when hormones fluctuate, no.....not that ones.
This heat is very furious, exploding energy, doesn't go away even when I don't eat anything, even when outside is very cold, even when I'm outside where the temperature is nearly zero.

After I ate full meal this fire makes everything darn stink.

I've read about kundalini rising...maybe it's the case? I don't understand what is this heat? I'm sure this is not hormonal flush. This is somethinig else. Extremely intense energy only I can feel while my actual temperature is a bit lower than normal.

right now, I eat full meal only once or twice a day. In between I eat only fruits or small portion of sweets with coffee.
it makes me less stink.

probiotics or supplements all made the smell worse. Nutritious foods too.
I think my liver can't break down normal food very well, only can digest simple sugar in small portion.
Or, this blazing fire burns everything I consume, so if I eat small portion or simple food, the burning smell is less potent....I guess.

I tried to put down this fire with drinking a lot of cold beverages but they all only made things worse. I don't think this is actual heat, though a bit of cold beverages help.

I don't know what it is.

Right now, not eating anything much but nearly starving myself can keep the smell at least within 1 feet around me.
Oh, I can eat veges and sweet fruits, some sweets moderate amount without stinking up. if I hadn't have full meal before consuming sweets.


and 'fading', plz don't insult me and yourself by saying it was all in your head. I don't mean to be rude, but what you said kinda hurt. I'm not crazy. you weren't either.

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Hi Sleepmonster i have same problem with u. what happend to you know did the smell become worse? or did it already get away? Because me this is already for 2 years im suffering in this problem i am so ashamed in going to school sometimes i dont go to school because of this and my friends sometimes find hard to stick with me because of this odor even thought its not coming from me. Im Always Lonely and Sad please someone HELP US :'(
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I have same problem.I have hyperthyroidism and bad body odour .The smell increases when i am in bus.  
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Mine is everywhere it really pissed me off sometimes i dont wanna go outside of our house but mine is not coming from me its always following me wherever i go.
What are your odors? Name them Please
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This is 2015 and you may not get this reply. But you are right and there is nothing wrong with you. I am suffering the same thing and Im over 50. I have
been trying all my life to fix it. It gets worse as you age because you havent
fix it. Im thinking detox, yeast infection, colon cleaning,  thyroid, candida, and
drinking plenty of water are the things to focus on for now. You are looking for answers and not the same pity story. Also look at the tongue, old fillings, mercury poisoning, and vitamin deficiency.  Starting in 2015 my body odors seem to pick up bad smell from outside and others and merge with mine. I smell clean when I leave and later have odors from others and outside on me.
I recently noticed this and I dont understand why it is happening. Slowly go through each treatment and nutrionally treatment to see which works.  Everybody is different and some have found their cure. Keep trying by trial and error. Doctors do not care and friends/family lie to your face and talk about you behind your backs. (at least mine do).  I hope you see this because sometimes people with same problems see posts years later.
When you said your body odors merge with others can u pls name your odors like is it garbage, urine, poo e.t.c, and also the odors they merge with, thanks cos am I think am going thru same thing
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Hello I'm glad that I'm not the only person going thru this not that I'm happy that anybody going thru this . But I'm been dealing with this body odor problem for along time now it ******* ducks I thought about killing my self but I jus can't do it I'm very pretty nice talented but body odor don't give two ***** about that I want to be an artists .but how can you be a rock Starr and have this kinda problem
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Hi Sleepmonster,

I came across to your post while searching for a cure of the same situation that you have. It is so hard to let others understand our situation. It's so frustrating and depressing that we have to deal with this kind of smell in everyday of our living. I am so tired to people who judge us like we never shower or we never clean ourselves but the mere fact that I even shower 5 times in everyday but the smell never leave. Right now I am living in Charleston and working and people from work always talking about how I smell. Sometimes I just pretend that I never heard of what they are talking about me.
I hope you can email me.
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Check vitamin D and Vitamin B12. I am suffering with same problems and I treat with vitamin D and B12. i relieve 90 percent symptoms please check.
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Thanks Bro il try this. Im also suffering this kind of problem for almost 2 years im also tired if they also judge me how i smell even if it doesnt comes from me. Im still a college student and it finds me hard going to scholl with this kind of problem I hope this will work. Thanks again
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Hi fellow sufferers,

I've been dealing with this exact problem for 5-6 years now. The first time I realized something was wrong was when my friends would ask me if I farted when I haven't. I've also had incidents at the gym where I heard other people comment on how bad I smelled. I've tried for so many years to get rid of my problem, but nothing really seems to work. What really kills me about this is that my friends and family don't believe me and think I'm crazy. I've gotten the courage to ask my family, friends, and my girlfriend and they've all said I don't smell. This drives me even more crazy because I know for a fact that others have made comments about my smell, so not I'm not sure if I stink or if I'm going crazy. Now I don't even know what's worse, smelling bad or constantly being paranoid that I smell bad.
In my years of trying to find a solution, I have learned that alcohol really seems to make the problem worse. I've tried using probiotics and antacids and it seems to work because I'll go weeks without anyone making a comment or showing any indicator that I stink. Sometimes I really question my sanity and it's starting to affect my work. I'm a therapist and work with individuals in a closed setting and every now and then I'll ask my children clients if my office smells because kids tend to be more honest about that stuff and for the most part they've all said no and they seem be to honest to me. Sorry for all these run on sentences and stream of conscious rantings but I just need to get this all out there. If there's anyone there who knows of a way to manage this please help. I would greatly appreciate it.
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I am a 31 year old male that has smoked since I was 19.  I have battled with ocd for almost my whole life I was raised Christian but went into the world (of course) the ocd slowly turned into racing thoughts and then I was home bound for probably 6 years I became a volunteer fire fighter in 11-12 and was planning on going back to school my chief at the time (would tell me my uniform stunk) although I never noticed my Dad was tired of seeing me suffer so we started getting into the holistic health new age crap the whole nine one day about a month ago I had finished reading my Bible and I was on FB there was a post about listening to music at 332hz I didn't know that night my life would change forever (For years now I have smelt weird smells and seen things out of the corner of my eyes and always felt like something was following me) anyway the panic attacks I had in the past usually went away I could just wait them out usually 20-30 minutes (before this I had been having weird dreams and would wake up sweating) little did I know I was being weakened by the vegan diet for a full blown awakening.  I was at my mom's and my dad called I could hear a whisper through the phone my name I thought I was losing it so I let my Father pray for me when he did I felt something leave me like my very life force perhaps the Holy Spirit I dunno after that I felt a bunch of things (please don't think I'm crazy) enter my body like air was being pushed in my lungs.  Since then I smell sulfur all the time,  others can smell it but say it's the cigarettes (IT'S MOST DEF NOT) I sweat it out at night I smell it around me (as well as other smells) I have cried out to God but doesn't seem to help I go from cold to hot at the drop of a dime I smell sulfur but my clothes smell the same.  I feel hopeless and lost I have trouble reading my Bible now What do I do?  I feel there are unclean spirits in me I dunno how I'm on medicine I also smell rotten eggs from my butt (never happened before) I dunno what to do I desperately need to hear from God I thought I was saved guess not to anyone going through this its terrible medicine just mask the problem

Funny thing is my Mother's whole family smell like rotten eggs sulfur (all are ex Mormons) ones a free Mason I feel cursed sometimes my father just says it's in my head if I died right now I'm not sure where I'd end up my life was bad enough it's worse  now sorry for ranting
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I have same damn smell around me as radiation (say).it follows me  with little break I guessed.everyone saw me as garbage.please help me if you have solutions.
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Hi Sleepmonster.I hope you are doing better by now. Let me tell you my story. I have been suffering with the same affliction for about 17 years now; ever since I had half my thyroid removed. I had a goiter on my thyroid. I've experienced every single symptom you've described and yes even the symptoms that are crazy and unexplainable. The experiences never seem to have a rhyme or reason. This is what I've done. I stopped drinking a d eating dairy products ( mainly milk and cheese ) for about a week. During this time it just so happened to go stay at a hotel. The clothes and everything that I had packed wreaked of this smell and I could really notice it because I was in a different environment. The smell is like an old basement stuffy smell and that's the best way I could describe it. But The outfit I had in at the time was new and it did not have the same smell. Now I remind you it had been about a week since I had consumed any milk or cheese.When I returned home, the smell in the house was so apparent, I was enlightened and wildly anxious to tackle the next thing I did. This is the hard part. I cleaned everything. And when I say everything, I mean it. Even the drawers and threw out all old papers. I shampooed the carpet and the furniture, the bedding, threw away the bed pillows, wiped down my purses, shoes... The smell has saturated everything. That's not even the hardest part.I had to bag up all the clothes (clean and dirty) bed linen, and everything made out of cloth material. I am still in the process of washing everything twice. I'm air drying the clothes on a rack in the bathroom with a personal heater and this way it helps me to detect whether the smell is still present in the clothes in this confined space, it helps. After 2 washes the clothes smell fresh. The whole time I cleaned, I wore the same NEW outfit that I left the hotel without. This way U could detect and track my progress if eliminating the smell. This is why it was so hard to understand why even though I have good hygiene I still could not get rid of the smell. The smell resided throughout the whole house. First take notice of what you eat. I finally realized that immediately after eating milk or cheese I could smell the odor intensely. Now for the first time in so many years, my house is starting to smell fresh, the air is clear, I feel great and healthier and everything just feels happy and healthy in my home. I guess it's a weird form of lactose intolerance. Today I bought some LACTAID tablets. With much anxiety I took one tablet with the first bite of a sandwich that had cheese on it. So far so good and by the way I've also started probiotics. I found my thing I hope this helps you find yours. God bless you and you will fix this.
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Please sleepmonster I know its 5 years since you post but I was wondering if you have find a solution to the problem like mine I thought it was the environment and mine is not even normal body odour, its urine, poo, gutter, sewage, garbage and few others I can't describe, please let me know how far you have gone thanks
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Sleep monster are you there?I want to ask u few questions, might try help in eliminating this embarrassing situation
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I have also experienced that burning sensation all over my body and it seems like I was breathing fire or some hard choking smoke which gave me a serious head burn headache
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Does anyone know a better way of dieing? I have tried holding my breath but its too painful and difficult, I just want to die, am too good looking for this to be happening, I mean its too shameful and embarrassing plus non- sufferers just don't understand its not cos of poor hygiene and its not coming from you, underarm and feet smell has included with the urine, gutter, sewage, garbage, dirty toilet smell, the funniest thing is they don't come from my body yet pollutes everywhere I go so bad, am waiting for sleep monster to reply cos there is famous musician who sang a song which I suspect could be going thru the same thing.
Don williams- it only rains on me
Listen to the song folks,bless
Someone told me it's a hex. Bit o also read up on tmau look it up.
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OK thanks, I hope he does soon anywwys thanks for your support, I received your e.email, I have reported the matter to my gp and other psychiarist, hopefully let's see how the MRI Scan goes, thanks once again
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Have you had any kind of paranormal encounters?
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Have you had any kind of paranormal encounters?
Yes I have, why do u ask please?
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Exactly the same thing happening to me. Girls in my college class have shouted behind my back how much I stink. I will end my life e, it's no use living like this.
Plerase don't end your life !! I'm going through same and someone told me I was hex.. though there is some out here called tmau look ot up. This is very depressing I know but stay strong .go to anxiety group therapy that what helping me plus i applied for disability or ssi bc it has cause my social anxiety to the point I cannot be around ppl
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What happened to sleep monster(OP) Hope she is alright, does moderator have any clue, just concerned cos I seriously knows how it feels cos am going thru the same thing
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Wonder if any female experience this and have ppl look at there private part like it's coming from.there??  The same ol smells?? I've been to doc and tested for STD plus urin effect on and pep too all negative. I'mma see if I can retest for STD for trichomonias to see if that's the cause but no bv no nothing
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guys..i have been following the trend and i want to know if there is any progress with someone.mine is getting worse , am now feeling  severe heat inside my body.
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Hi Guys, my problem is slightly different but it is all the same i guess bad smells. I have suffered from foot odor for decades now but, not just any foot odor the one where people walk pass and say "Phew what's that stink" and hold their noses and what was worse this was with my shoes ON. Anyway to cut the story short i think I may have your solution and I really hope it helps, it should it's helped me.  The product is called Hibiscrub - 4% w/v Cutaneous Solution, Chlorhexidine Gluconate 40mg/ml.  It is actually the soap that surgeons use when they scrub in for surgery, it removes bacteria and bacteria is usually what causes smells. What you need to do is follow the instructions on the bottle but below is what helped me.
First what you do is wet your body/feet and rub the "soap" all over starting from your head to your toes. Wash around all of the folds on your skin but DO NOT USE IT INTERNALLY. Leave it on for at least 2 minutes and then wash off and dry yourself as usual and moisturize if you do so. Do this every day TWICE (morning and at night) for 7 days. Hopefully all of your odor and bacteria will have gone and then you get into maintenance mode. I wash my feet at least once a day maybe twice depending if I am going out and I use Charcoal insoles from GGfootcare as I find they are very well made but cost a bit. Since doing this I walk pass people still listening for a comment even a year on and no one says a thing. I really hope this helps everyone suffering from body odor or foot odor as I know how hard it is very everyone. If it works let as much people as you can, know  so we can stop the embarrassment and get on with our lives. God bless XX. PS It is available on Amazon. co.uk so I presume it will be available on the US website Amazon.com.
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