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Stress and OCD

First before my question just know in a brotherly sisterly way I love yall. Just because we can all share in each others pains.

I have been living with OCD my whole life even though its not something you can get used to, I tend to think I have things the worse two are Cancer and HIV everything or anything can be wrong with me and i can some how connect it to those 2 illnesses, I should be a Medical doctor i can tell you the symptoms to just about anything. Im a big lock checker i can be already in bed and think i forgot to lock the door so i will get up and check and go back to bed but then i will be like wait was the door shut? and i will go check it again and again till im sure it is closed and locked. The list can go on about the things i do but the question is when your stressed out does your OCD get worse??

Because i have been having more and more attacks and i was just wondering if stress does that to you??
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yes stress does it to you. Last year my wife died leaving me with three kids to bring up. She died of cancer and it's triggered major OCD problems for me with health anxiety - i've had tests for diabetes, high blood pressure, HIV and been to the doctor every time I start obsessing about a mole (skin cancer). Oh, and lung cancer and testicular cancer too.

What can I say? Try not to feed your fears, recognise the snowballing effect of negative thinking and try and occupy yourself - exercise, work, whatever

It's always much worse in the morning. I wake up and the demons arrive. You just have to get out of bed and get on with your life. Nobody can ever guarantee you won't get ill and die or get some horrible disease, but try to take it one day a time

Stay well (Ps there are some good books on Cognitive Behavourial Therapy or see a CBT counsellor)
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Im am so sorry to hear about your wife.

I really appreciate you taking time to write back. I really needed to hear that and thanks for the advice :)
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well thanks - it helps me to write about it. I battle it every day and it's very wearisome. You have to try and face it down though - control your thoughts or they will control you!
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That is always easier said then done. I tend to feel like a freak half the time with my thoughts so on bad days they tend to lead my live more then I do....can make you feel pretty bad...but learning to live day by day and its easyer knowing im not alone in all this..and neither are you :)
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