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Sudden intrusive thoughts

I have been having these weird, traumatized thoughts about a former co worker. These thoughts have been infecting my feelings as well, and they are causing me to not feel like myself and depressed. I'm in a relationship. This former co worker was recently arrested for kidnapping and lewd conduct with a child. It's not in my nature to think and feel like this. What do you guys think?
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Well, ya.  I'm not sure why you'd be interested in someone arrested for kidnapping and lewd contact with a child.  yuck!  That is not a catch!  But our mind is a strange thing.  Can you let it pass?  Just take no action (to connect with the person) and when the thoughts pop in your head, actively remember that he's a bad person with disgusting charges against him and distract yourself to thinking about something else.  It really should blow over.  Any time you have a crush, it usually will given time.  Ignore it.  If you can't, see a therapist.  
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Why does this have to happen to me?  Would hypnosis help?  Would medication cure it?  Can I just turn my emotions off? I was fine before.
When I was on birth control last month, my emotions were off.
It's causing me to have self loathing.
Are you asleep?

This is causing me not to be myself. I feel depressed.
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I had an intense crush when I was in my 20's.  I mean, wow.  It's hard to think about now, lol.  But it happens.  And it wouldn't have been right.  You probably don't have contact with the guy (seeing as he has a kidnapping and lewd act with a CHILD trial coming up) . . .  so it's all in your head.  Absolutely, just know it CAN NOT Happen and let it go. Not an option..  Picture that her really doesn't want to be with you . . . he likes kiddos. So, there is no chance.  And just look at it like a break up, a thing not meant to be, and move on.  

If you have ocd, that is a disorder that is pretty involved.  Thoughts you can't get rid of may qualify but they have to impact your life negatively in a pretty drastic way.  If that is the case, medication and talk therapy are the best option.  If you can't shake this, you may consider just getting into therapy.  And if you are in a relationship, throw yourself into back into it. Concentrate on being the best partner to your sig. other as you can be!
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I have OCD.
I have tried forgetting about it and focusing on other things, only to feel defeated.
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I guess I wonder why you can't just move on.  Clearly he's a bad dude.  But if you are attributing this to ocd, are now depressed on top of it, time to call a therapist today.  Take steps to get an appointment so you can move past this.  This is not worth ruining your life for.
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Can I reverse time to Sunday?
I just want to end my suffering because of this and other factors. It's like I have a sheet on top of my heart that I can't remove. This is very challenging for me.
It's going to be awhile for me to see a therapist.

I just want to erase this impact and all the depression.
I feel like blah and not myself.
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