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Urban legends and reality.

Ok, I've always been a little afraid of catching HIV the way urban legends tell us. (movie theaters, ATMs, and seats with HIV eluded needles in it). However, from what I've experienced in the past, this is the most real that disturbed me most.
So, last night, I was sitting in a restaurant. The restaurant's tables are closely packed, so are the chairs. I was busy texting my friend, when I felt a SHARP, quick, but not too painful on my knee. I looked down and there's nothing. But all the stories is pushing me to believe that (there's a guy across me maybe about a meter away might have pricked me when I wasn't looking from UNDER the table to my knee)
If you guys tell me it was wrong, please tell me what the sharp pain (it wasn't cramps, it literally felt like a needle pricked me, but the pain is short) is, because I can't move on. I would appreciate any help. Thanks a bunch.
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Hi there.  Well you are right in the fact that these are just urban legends.  There isn't a statistic labeled "Infection due to intentional needle stick" because it just not something that happens.  I'm not saying that someone somewhere in this great big world of ours hasn't done this but let's face facts, this just isn't something that happens.  

As far as the table goes, I cannot tell you what pricked you.  I'm pretty sure though that it wasn't a needle AND you didn't see anything.  

Do you see somebody to help you with your HIV anxiety?  

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