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Wanting to commit crimes for adrenaline?!?!?!?

Hi, ok well I have always had intrusive thought but now I get them with almost a feeling.... Like a desire, it scares me. I keep having thoughts about breaking in somewhere..... I'm kinda a adrenaline junkie and I think that's where these thoughts came from.... I thought of committing a crime for adrenaline! It's like part of me is like wanting to do it really bad but then another part of me is like omg wtf that's wrong ugh! I'm tired of this :(
What do I do? Why am I having this?? Also sorry for posting another question!
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violent thoughts are also a part of ocd, you feel like that you don't have any control over yourself and you can kill anyone or yourself anytime, all these things are due to ocd.

Ocd is treated by medication and therapy, so look for both, i referred you a book in another post, so please purchase and read it.It will be a great help

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