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Zoophilie or OCD? I dont know Im scared pls help

Ive just recently been having Intrusive thoughts about children and Ive been getting over it and trying my best to ignore them and be better. And I felt better with less anxiety. And then I had a thought pop up that said "what if im attracted to my dog?" and i was scared because thats how the intrusive thoughts started for the intrusive thoughts about children. And i started thinking how in the past I let my dog lick my hand and my face. Then I remembered when I was masterbating one time and my dog was sleeping across from me. I don't know why but the thought popped up in my head at that time saying "what if i let my dog lick me?" and I was like what the hell no. I knew I wouldn't do it because it was morally wrong and I found it wrong, .so during that time I just labeled it was weird and went on with my life. I tried to watch zoo p*rn to see how i would react and I couldn't even watch it, I immediately felt disgusted and exited. And now that i might just be over thinking. But i really don't want to hurt my dog or do anything to her. Im scared that I might be a disgusting person.
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There's two things here that need separating.  One is you are human and therefore have thoughts.  Some will be pretty weird.  But we all think.  The second is that these thoughts are bothering you so much they are making your life very difficult.  This second part is part of an anxiety disorder, and if you're not currently in therapy for it you need to start.
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So, thoughts are thoughts and they can pop in our head and it doesn't mean you want to REALLY have sex with a dog or a bear.  Being attracted to the taboo can be just a random thing here and there.  I wouldn't read too much into it.  If you are plagued by it though and it starts to become too 'real' could you talk to a professional about it?  Obviously we don't want you doing anything to an animal. But I sincerely doubt that when it came down to it, you would.  If you 'think' you would, please talk to a psychologist.

How are other things in your life?  Sometimes we are kind of bored, lacking in some area, feeling lost or a deficit in some way and then our mind wonders. Then we fixate and it's a cycle.  So, how are other things in your life?
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