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addicted to picking

Ever since I was young (around ten years old) I use to sit infront of a magnified mirror and pick my pimples, blackheads, hairs or just plain anything I could out of my face. I became borderline obsessed with this, not being able to wait till the next day to get back in the mirror. I am now 30 years old and still have the same compulsive disorder but now I've moved on to people in my family. Mainly anyone that will let me "pick" them. I feel so much satisfaction from a pimple the blows up or a blackhead that I can successfully pull out of each pore. In each "session" I bring with me tweezers, a pin and a lamp so I can see even better. I turn into a totally different, even aggressive person if they move, or make me wait because I am hurting them. Even when I hurt myself I can't stop. What's wrong with me?
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So sorry for the last posters response. I wish I knew what to say to lead you in the direction of the help that you need.  Most of us on this forum are drug addicts primarily pain medicine addicts.  I know what you are doing is very serious and that you need help.  However I think this falls under a obsessive compulsive disorder and not addiction per say.  I would check the mental health forum.
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Thank you very much, I have never been to this site before, nevermind this forum, I hit the button that said addiction. I apologize if anyone was offended.
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No offense taken... I am so sorry that we are not the people to help you.. I wish you the best at figuring out this obsession..
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Yes, I was very serious. I understand now that I was in the wrong place but nevertheless, ur comment was rude. My addiction or compulsion (whatever label) is no less important than yours... Just different!
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Your problem is very real, and I hear it in your writing.  We are having problems with certain people on here being  awful to one another, when there is no reason what so ever.  Please understand, that it is not you, it is THEM!  You are very strong for coming on here, and I think you are a great person  for admitting to all of us(whether or not we are the right forum or not) that you need help, Good for you!

-And shame on you others, its really getting pitiful now! Who are you to say whether or not YOU are in more agony than someone else?  I do believe that SOME of you need anger management NOT an addiction forum either!
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If you are addicted and need help than you are addicted and need help! We are not pill snobs! If someone has any addiction that is what this forum should be for. No matter what it is.
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