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am i just being OCD?

I have only kissed guys and its always been guys who were virgins and never did drugs. well they been drunk before but thats it. i always worry that they got some blood in their mouth and now i have HIV and hepatitis B from them..can I get these diseases from kissing??? should i never kiss people again...i know the guys never engaged in sex or drugs but what if they were born with a disease?? and their close friends dont know??? what if they hid thier HIV and hepatitis from the world??? and now they kissed me and I got it from making out???? AHHHHH HEEEELLPPP
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Yes, OCD has taken over.  The risk from kissing someone who is HIV positive is pretty much zero.  Now take that to kissing people who are virgins, never did drugs, and who are HIV negative, then it is a big fat zero.  

You need to address your OCD irrational thinking to get past this.  If it isn't HIV, it will probably be something else.  So I think you should make an appointment with a therapist so that you can either learn CBT, ways to help yourself, or talk about possibly taking medication to help with the OCD.  

For me, I have to take medication.  It works very well.  Otherwise, I'd be running around from one thought to the next and without the ability to function in my day-to-day life.  

Either way, it isn't going to go away by itself so think about what you want to do to be proactive and help yourself.  

Take care.
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