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anorexia ocd

has anybody used atypical antipsychotic drugs with lexapro to help with increasing frequency of ocd symptoms probabley due to anorexia and malnourishment of the brain?
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I donot know anything about anorexia but I do know about OCD.  I also know Lexapro works well for me.  Our body is made up of vitams and minerals along with all else.  The brain has many chemicals.  Loss of certain chemicals can be replaced by mood stabilizers or SSRI's which are used to replace serotonin.  I am not a doctor but my OCD symptoms have lessened, almost nonexsistent by the use of antiphyscotic drugs to correct the chemical imbalance I have.  Good luck
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my daughter was on lexipro for over a year and she gained weight like crazy!!! she gained 100 pounds (but it looked more than that) and she can no longer fit through the door.. it has turned out to be quite pricey. we had to have new toilets installed, a new bed ( because she broke hers), a new couch, basically new everything because of her weight problems. she lost all of her friends..she was really well liked by all her male teachers and now that shes gained this weight they have started to fail her.. i just dont know what to do and i just dont want to see my daughter like this. whatever you do dont use lexapro use zoloft!! ever since we started using zoloft she has started to drop the weight ... she got a few friends back and her teachers are now giving her a d-!!! were making progress!!!!
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