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cannot get rid of songs in my head

I'm not sure but I guess it's OCD.
After I get used to a song, that song just keep "playing" in my head and I CANNOT stop it no matter how I try.
It's not just the songs I like or right after I heard it. It happens with almost every songs or music or even some advertisements on tv; things with rhyme, I guess.
I can suddenly think about it by accident and then it keep "playing" again and again. The more I try to stop it, the more severe it is; so I have no choice but to let myself think about it or even sing them out.
What makes me worry most is when it happens during my exams or when I am studying, it prevents me from concentrating.
I'm now 18. I've have it many years but seem like it is getting worse since I'm 15.

I used to suffer from depression and anxiety disorder and have a little medication for that in a short time. But I stop taking pills because it bad affect my studying. Now the depression's gone; anxiety disorder happens less frequently...but I've never managed to stop the things "playing" in my head.
It drives me crazy. Please help me out!
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This is actually called an Earworm, it's funny because when i was little i had this song stuck in my head and I had no idea why and I could never sleep! however, probably a couple months ago I was reading up on OCD and found out that this haunting melody was actually called and Earworm, it DOES go away but for me it took a very long time when I was about 8.
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Thanks. At least I finally know what it's called.
Is it one kind of OCD?
Is there any way to treat without medications?
Hi has this gone away for you? I just acquired the same thing, thanks
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Same here...my first ocd triggered from a part of song keep playing in my head...i was scared that time...now turned to hiv ocd ..rejoice
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Hi,Has this gotten better for you?
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