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compulsive skin/scab picking?

Im so happy i found this forum and now I can def use some advise! I been picking at my scabs for years now and it just keeps getting worse. My legs look horrible ..my hands..and my breasts. I feel so embarrassed now I dont go to the beach or fancy places where I would wear a dress or even get my nails done. I see a psychiatrist who is now whining me off effexor because he thought it would work but its not. Should I see a therapist daily or weekly? I just want to stop. I do it while driving..which is bad..I do it at work and also get told at work by my boss that I need to stop. I have no clue anymore how to stop or what meds are out there to help???
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Hi there.  Seems like you don't even realize you are doing it if your boss is saying something.  Obviously picking is relieving stress you are under but it also becomes a habit and you have to know that all habits can be broken.  I think the first thing is realizing you are doing it.  

A psychiatrist is good for the medication and some talk therapy but a psychologist that teaches cognitive behavioral therapy is your best bet.  Is your psych doc going to try a different medication?  I hope so.  Also, you may be able to get a referral from her/her to a good psychologist that teaches CBT.  

At least at home have you tried things like wearing socks on your hands?  You can't pick if you can't get your fingernails on them.  Just a short-term suggestion while you are figuring this out.  Good luck and keep us informed.  Take care.  
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Hi thanks for writing back! Yes my pschiatrist said he will be trying a new med but im def going to ask him for a refferal for a psychologist who helps with CBT. My legs are at the point where they are picked so much its painful now. I'll keep you informed!
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Sounds like a good plan :)
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