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fecal smearing

I used to live in an apartment with my then 5yr old daughter.I went through a series of events that greatly troubled me.At that time I often would come home with feces either left in my news paper,or on my door handle,little pieces of anything small enough stuffed inside of my key hole of my mailbox so I could not get into my mail,then it escalated to my balcony full of feces(whether human or non I do not know pretty sure human) then the back of my boyfriends truck was covered in it.I eventually was so scared that I was transferred to another apartment building in the next town.We eventually involved the police but did not get much information from them and we never did find out who it could have been.I often wondered about what kind of psychological problems would this person's behaviour suggest this person had and why feces and why me?.At that time I was new to the building,I was quiet,and I pretty much was friendly but kept to myself.My daughter was also very quiet and we didn't spend most of our time there a reasonable amount but not enough to attract too much attention..Thank-you for your expertise I would appreciate any insight.

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