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i have different ocds scalp picking and tricholtilomania ,,hair pulling

it started with removing my eyelashes at 9 it felt comforting ,,,now here i am at 62 taking out any hairs that seem to have stress in them sounds strange even picking the scabs which will bleed and heal then itch soon as we feel the itch we pick and the cycle is over ,,,,,like i said the bigger the root the hair has the more stress comes out ,,boy do i ever feel odd saying that ,,,and there are certain head areas that seem to have the most stress under them so its more stress releaving i would say for myself mostly the top in a large v shape top middle worse for me
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Hello! JG who is normally here to answer questions is away right now.  I did a search to find something that might help.  I hope this can help you in some way, Dee

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