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medication for ocd/anxiety

i am in the process of seeing if i can switch meds. i am on zoloft 75mg and have been breaking out in a rash since i started taking it in april but am just now realizing it could be the zoloft. does anyone have any experiance with this or can recommend another medicine that may work for my ocd and anxiety. my ocd is the scary thoughts and it was all caused after a major surgery i went through. it is getting better but i still have some issues.
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Rash is common with some OCD meds. You might want to talk to your doctor about your symptoms. I have problems with rash sometimes on my OCD meds as well, but not too much. Your doctor should be able to help.
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I have to take Wellbutrin and Lexapro

They work very good.
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lexapro helped me a lot
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I am switching from luvox 200mg to lexapro 20mg. The luvox caused weight gain, fatigue, sexual side effects. Wellbutrin I have heard makes OCD worse because it raises levels of dopamine.
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