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ocd and weight gain

i as teated with paroxitine for 6 mouths and it was so effective but i gained 15 kilos in 6 month so i stoped suddenly but now i am feel very bad and symptoms is return i need drug that does not cause weight gain and effective at the same time
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The paroxitine is an SSRI and the weight gain can be a side effect. I just looked on the web for a statistic and it said about 25 percent of people experience weight gain.  

As with any medication, it should never be stopped suddenly.  These medications need to be tapered down slowly so that you don't experience side effects.  The best thing to do is to talk to your doctor as soon as you can and tell him/her that you have stopped taking it.  

From my own personal experience, I take Wellbutrin 300 mg XL for my OCD.  It is not commonly prescribed for OCD but I take it because it has less side effects.  I have not gained weight while on it and it does not have any effect on the sex drive.  It works for me, I don't know if it will work for everybody.  So when you talk to your doctor, explain why you stopped the paroxitine , how bad you are currently feeling, and ask what he/she thinks about Wellbutrin (buproprion is the generic).  

Hopefully this helps you.
I found this forum while searching for reasons people take Wellbutrin. I took it at first as a booster to cymbalta for OCD anxiety. I've never had depression, but when I get put on an ssri I get so depressed I develop suicidal thoughts, especially on amitriptelene sp? So I've been on cymbalta for years but it also makes me depressed (not suicidal, though) and it makes me gain extreme amounts of weight and can also cause diabetes (hmm it's made by the same people who developed insulin) anyway, now that I've tapered myself (with doc approval) down to 20 mg cymbalta a day, I'm trying to find a reason for still taking the 300 mg Wellbutrin now that I've quit smoking and am almost off cymbalta z I feel like it helps a little with anxiety symptoms of OCD but nothing else. I guess this isn't really a question, just an observation....
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