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im convinced that everything i have can be caused by ocd alone, but i know people who have told me they dont think ocd is my only problem thats why i want to make sure.
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well lay out the symtoms give us something to work with here, what going on in your head and what are you up too.

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Folks, I am in the middle of OCD hell. I have two weeks off from work to get it together. Right now it is extreme fear of blood born pathogens. But before that I was obsessing about past bad behaviour and having to tell the world. I am washing hands again and again, doing the laundry over and over etc. I keep thinking that because I wore socks at the clinic I work at viruses got into my house on my socks after I used the clinic washroom. Damn!
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You should face your fears under the strict supervision of a trusted therapist. If you have two weeks off work this might be the perfect time to kick OCD in the ***. CBT can be helpful too. Are you on any meds an SSRI?
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