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popping pimples OCD

hello, my name is monica, im 17 but lately i havent been feeling so well. Now i have OCD (popping pimples) and sometimes i cry for no reason and i frequently keep looking at the mirror. idk maybe because my mom always tells me that im becoming fat and i have to lose weight even tho that im 164 cm and i weigh 57 kg . And she keeps mocking me like the way i dress (i like preppy style and urban at the same time) but she wants me to be like my older sister (24 years old) because she used to be a little bit slimmer than me and had a very girly style like she wears dresses i dont, she wears skirts i dont only on christmas or something like that, and she was mature. im not saying that im not mature, actually im the wisest one in my family and all of them keep saying that but what i was meaning that she looked like a lady not a teenage girl like i do now. Thats why i keep telling mom that everyone has a different style and i cannot be her and she cannot be me. But the thing is that i love mom so much and i know that she loves me too, shes perfect in everything but she keeps doing this stuff that annoys me a lot. My father always encourages me, he supports me a lot, hes my motivation. But my older brother (26 years old) is so spoiled, i dont hate him at all its just that if i didnt clean my room my mom tells me but if he didnt or he cooked something and left everything behind she doesnt tell him at all. i also have a terrible time trying to concentrate or memorize, but i have good grades, i was accepted to study abroad but i wasnt ready so i didnt go, and my other problem is that i have a celebrity obsession (miley cyrus)i know shes vulgar and everythinh but i love her way too much, and my family is okay with that but i always think of her, idk maybe because i like to be her or have her personnality... Shes perfect to me.         And yup thats my life !
oh and btw i have dry mouth at skl and sweaty hands. Plz help am i having OCD because of these problems ? because ive tried several times stop it but i couldnt, and now i spend hours in the shower just popping pimples, on my shoulder.
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It sounds to me that you have family issues and self-esteem issues that need to be dealt with.  Ideally you should see a counselor.  Are you still in High School?  Is there a school counselor that you could go and see?  
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YES still in high school, maybe i should take a visit to my school couselor, thx for your help
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