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resist an urge to repeat or not ?

I have this obsession about repeating "words" in my head. Its like when I hear any sound like a car coming, I get the urge to say car in my head. It is generalized - if I see a red car, I get urge to say red. It could be anything - I just have to wait for some thoughts to enter my mind and I am sort of stuck to that. Recently, I read one kid's obsession about repeating words backwards (here is the link for somebody interested to read it - http://www.npr.org/templates/story/s...toryId=4648567), and I am stuck to that thought worrying if I will also get that urge to do that.

Now, most of the times, I don't do it. But, when I remember those "urge" thoughts I get anxiety and my confidence saps in.

I had been taking sertraline 100 mg (zoloft) since four years. Recently, I noticed that I have tinnitus. After reading about it all over the net, I came to know the zoloft could be contributing to tinnitus. Since then, I have cut zoloft to 25 mg and also taking St. John's wort (0.3 standardized, 300 mg two times a day). Maybe cutting zoloft could be the reason why I am again
getting those urges and anxiety pangs.

Lately, I have been reading too many books on OCD (courtesy of my local library which seems to have all the books). What I understand that the more I try to stop a thought (and urge ?), the more it hangs in your mind. So, what should I be doing - if I get the thought to repeat, should I repeat it so that urge / thought loses it power OR I resist the urge as I do always. Resisting the urge did not help me get rid of those repetitive thoughts all my life.

Anybody here who might have some suggestions on what I should do - resist or cave in ? thanks.
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It all depends what works for you. Does the fact you repeat the words in your head drive you insane or make u feel better? It all depends on what bothers your life more the repeating or the anxiety.

Good luck :)
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