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worried mum ocd concern with my daughter

hi im a single mum my daughter is aged 10 she has been acting strangely for a while but has only just started telling me things she has intrusive thoughts of a few things the main thing of me dieing and does obsessive things like she does things in 3,s and has to have her pillow just so , and moves her thumps up and down and alot of other things i didnt no that she has now told me , she gets very upset at bedtime and ask es me to talk to her so she doesnt have to think , im so upset that shes been going through this and i didnt no , it just clicked that all these funny things shes been doing are related to a condition maybe (ocd) shes got to the point now that she wont sleep in her bed she sleeps in spare room she says she doesnt need to do so many rituals in spare room and its easy er i of course got her straight to the  docs and he spoke to her and agrees with me it may be ocd iv now started researching condition , hes sending her to a mental health counsellor , is this the best option ?? he says it will take time to get appointment . is there something i can do ?? im so worried upset scared . cant believe my lovely little girl has been suffering like this i never new until now , any advice would be so helpful , thank you so much for listening and reading this ,
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