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zoloft dosage

Im currently taking 100mg of zoloft for the past 3 weeks, started at 50 mg  first week. I weigh115lbs. Ive read the following "correct dosages vary from drug to drug, based on your weight and severity of symptoms". Does anyone know this info for Zoloft? Im thinking about increasing the dose because im not feeling any difference yet? Comments are much appreciated.. : )
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Zoloft is serotonergic and takes time to "build up" in the brain. Give it some time and talk to your doctor.
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yes, yes, yes. Givde in some time 3 weeks is not enought. Give it almost 8. Not to discourage you or raise a little anxiety, but You may actually feel a little worse at the begginning. Don't let that dscourage you though, it will only be temp, and you'll feel better than you felt about 8 weeks into it.

Time for that stuff for sure. I have heard of other Meds kicking in real quick, but not Zolft.  I'm no proffessional, but that goes in the same Category as Celexia (spelling) prozac, and lexepro. Very low side effects. Which would tell me that they take a little time to work. I think you'll see with zoloft you'll have very successfull results. Also have read about it being an antiobsessive antidepressant, along with prozac...

Give it more time, it'll work, wouldn't even doubt ater consultation with a proffessional that you could go back to your 50Mg's.  Good luck, your going to be good in 7 weeks.
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Thanks for your response
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Thanks for your response. I already added the Buspar because of the side effects with Zoloft which hasn't helped a whole lot either. Maybe in 7 to 8 weeks I will taper off of Buspar.  Definitely having problems with my concentration,memory, fuzzy sort of thinking. I also feel emotionally numb. Not sure if it is from the Zoloft increase 50mg to 100mg.  I have an anxiety disorder-OCD. I really would like to try natural methods. Complementary/Alternative medicine. Any suggestions : )
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Yeah side effects suck. The worst for me was sexual side effects and overall numbness.

CBT can work, do you have a therapist or just a psychiatrist? It can be really useful to see a therapist/psychologist to talk about less general and more specific natural methods. That is I can give you some basic advice but a psychologist can help with your specific set of circumstances.

Often with anxiety disorders (though OCD can be different) there are behaviours and thought patterns we can change to help beat the anxiety. Like getting to the source of the problem.

Also there are loads of things that can naturally increase serotonin levels but they are basically a pain in the *** to make yourself do.
-Exercise (aerobic is best)
-Get sunshine (bright light and sun increase serotonin)
-Eat healthy with lots of fruits and veggies
-Try to sleep on a regular schedule at night for at least eight hours (this is a hard one for me to do but the exercise helps, also you can take melatonin at night if you like.)
-Basically anything that makes you healthy also makes you happy it seems. But all the above are actually proven to increase serotonin. My psych said there was a clinical trial that showed daily exercise almost 100% as effective as an antidepressant medication (in treating depression though.)

There are also things to NOT do like
-Drink, smoke, eat lots of sugars or fats, drink caffeine
-Isolate yourself. (that is you should try to be as social as possible) When you have a conversation and use that part of your brain it somehow releases serotonin.

I personally find walking around in the sun for 30 minutes a day while listening to my favorite music is about the strongest antidepressant/antiobsessant I've found.
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