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Anxiety / panic attacks / guilt / ocd

Hi friends, I'm not sure if posting here would help me. My situation started a year ago around April 2018. Where I went to a massage place and it ended up on a intercourse but was a protected one. After that despite everyone keeps telling I'm -ve and did not contract the HIV virus I kept on testing until Dec 2018 and since it was about 8 months after my encounter I thought I was safe and tried to move on. But somehow the fear came back with what if....since am going to get married in 2 weeks I went on to test again 2 days back which was a rapid test on ale re determine combo and my doc said I'm having severe OCD and put me on sentraline medication. The test came out negative and I was really happy but on for 3 hrs after that the fear came back because the doctor during test he never used capilary tube but straight away swab the blood from my finger to the alere determine combo pad and I keep on thinking that I might infected my self. Even tough I know my doctor won't do anything to put a patient in danger but the thought keep on repeating. Whenever I think am safe let's move on this what if keeps coming back. Has anyone had the same problem
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This forum is not a place to assess HIV risk.  This is where we discuss anxiety and OCD. Only. I would talk to your doctor about what is going on with the mental health disorder. Sertraline or Zoloft is a good medication but it normally takes a higher dose to be really effective. And if it isn't working to help you overcome your anxiety, then there are many  other options. Talk therapy with a psychologist or counselor is also very beneficial to learn coping skills.  You'll never fully get rid of anxiety but it should be more manageable than it currently is.  So, treat the anxiety as the disease to be worried about and treat it to its full extent.  
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