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Blood draw HIV fear

I had my blood drawn for general health check up.i have not seen whether the syringe and the needle are new or reused.Now I am worried about the risk of contracting HIV.please help
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Hi. I also suffer from this time to time. I actually got my blood drawn to test for hiv and hep a few days ago and the same exact thought went into my mind. Thats anxiety/OCD for ya. While anything could be possible, i just keep telling myself that this is highly unlikely. The person drawing your blood wouldn't reuse a needle because it is their job for patient safety. If youre really worried you can buy those oral swab tests at the store that check for hiv, but i believe the window period for those is 3 months. good luck to us.
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There is definitely a lot of health anxiety and around the area of contracting HIV. I wonder why. We know so much about HIV now.  How it is transmitted, that it is treatable and that dying of HIV is not that likely anymore.  I wonder if it sometimes comes from shame and guilt for the sexual encounters people have had.  But it definitely turns into a cycle of anxiety that ruins people's ability to function, I've noticed.
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You should remember this advice to your question, because it is only a few days old. https://www.medhelp.org/posts/HIV-Prevention/Can-I-contract-HIV-from-a-syringe-used-to-draw-my-blood/show/3062834
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