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Depresses and fears over medicine that made from human placenta

Hello doctors,
At the moment i'm in a panic attack and i'm really freaking out due to the fact that i have read some informations about a drug that i take when i was a child was actually probably made (or extracted) from human Placenta. Now, as you can see, i have severe ocd and just thinking of this made me feel like i have had practiced canibalism without my own consent and that is the most beyond extreme thing that i could ever think of doing. The drug is called "Philatop" and as i also read that they are also made from animals organs (due to many producers) but i can't completely sure that all the drug that i take were not mixed with those that made from the placenta. I do know that placenta in the past and even nowadays still often being used for health purposes. But i just can't stop thinking that i'm a cannibal and i'm really disguted of myself right now. Is it the same as the "Human diploid tissue culture (MRC-5)" - also known as lung tissue of aborted Caucasian male fetus? I really need some guidance and advices!

Please help..
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Yes, clear that you have anxiety whether it is ocd or straight anxiety. Do you see a psychiatrist?  It doesn't matter the answers we give you if you have ocd and anxiety as your mental health condition refuses to accept rational explanations.  You need to take help in the form of mental health care providers.  You clearly state you have OCD as you fret over imagined health issues.  When the health issue to be concerned about IS the OCD.  What do you do to treat your ocd?
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Hello GuitarRox, I really appriciate your response. I did meet up with my therapist and been using drugs treatment to reduce stresses. I know clearly what my curent condition are, and the problem that i shared above is not imagined. There are actual news articles that wrote about this, I just want to know what is your oppinions about the problem that i'm having.
I'm trying really hard to overcome my ocd in the past and i do know what ocd can do to your mind and body with false memories or false alarms/ informations. And to be completely honest, i'm still able to know whether it is ocd or the real deal.
The intent of this forum is to discuss the disorder of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.  Our members on this forum do not analyze the health concern someone with OCD is fixating on and we encourage you to speak to your doctor regarding OCD.  
And just to add, having a phobia or anxiety about something isn't necessarily OCD, as GuitarRox indicated.  All anxiety sufferers have thoughts they don't like or else they wouldn't have anxiety.  You would be a cannibal if you killed people and then ate them.  You didn't do that.  The fact you have moral or religious beliefs that would lead you to not want to use medication derived from fetal research wouldn't make you suffer anxiety about it.  It might lead you not to want to use that, but not to recurring anxiety about it.  The anxiety, as mentioned above, is what's bothering you.  The rest is probably of genuine concern to you but again, not the source of feeling anxious about it.  Peace.
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