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Going for blood draw

I have to go for blood work and I am asking if I should have the lab make special accommodations for me or if I need to do it like everyone else and have the anxiety so I can expose myself to my fear. I would usually call the lab, ask to be first patient and also ask for everything in brand new packaging alcohol wipe and butterfly needle to be taken out of package in front of me.  I have contamination ocd so these rituals relieve my anxiety of getting contaminated with dirty cotton ball or reused needle , I have 2 daughters that are just coming to the age of having to get blood drawn and so I’m concerned that if I give in to these rituals for myself, I’m also going to start demanding these special accommodations at the lab for my daughters as well and it’s exhausting .  What should I do?
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Not to be pickyunish here, but that's not OCD, that's a phobia.  A lot of us with phobias if we have to do the thing we're phobic about do a ton of stuff to prepare, but that isn't the same as OCD rituals.  You might indeed have OCD based on all sorts of rituals you aren't mentioning here, but again, you have a phobia and this is how you deal with it.  As for what to do, that's a hard one.  It depends on what you're done to try to fix your phobia.  If you've been in therapy, tried CBT, learned relaxation techniques, and done everything you could for a long time to fix it and it never helped any, then doing what you have to do might be the easiest thing to do.  Something else to try is a benzo that you only use when you have to do this so it doesn't lead to the problems of regular benzo usage.  If you haven't really committed to trying to fix this problem, then here's the thing about phobias -- the more you avoid the worse they get.  The only way to truly get over them is to do what you're phobic about enough times so your brain just learns that nothing bad is going to happen and forgets all about it.  That's what CBT tries to teach.  If this is your only phobia and the rest of your life is fine, that's also an argument that for this one thing just do what's easiest to get through it as you only have the one phobia, but if it's something that affects other aspects of your life the best thing is fix the problem, not keep avoiding or keep getting so anxious about it.  So again, the answer really depends on what road you've been down with this and what you want your life to be like and what you're willing to commit to doing about it.  Sometimes anxiety is just not helped by treatment and sometimes treatment fixes it and you don't have to worry about it anymore.  
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You mentioned you are on medication so it sounds like you have been diagnosed by a professional. No one here can diagnose you so continue working with your doctor and the exposure response sessions.
If you don't take all those preparations that you mention like calling in advance then after the needle has been given your ocd will start imagining that contamination had occurred. Then you will be stuck with a problem that you could have avoided.
You likely can't get over ocd by willing it away so continue to take as many preventative steps as possible and discuss it with your doctor.
Whether you cause a problem with your daughters is something you will have to deal with separately from your own phobia. Can you arrange for someone else to take them for their lab work or go in the building while you stay outside, so you are not around?
Thank you anxiousnomore I think it’s a great idea to have someone else take my daughters for now and I will continue to take preventative steps because you are right I will be prone to many intrusive thought loops tormenting me if I don’t.  

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