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Guilt Shame over obsessive masturbation

I have prone masturbrated for more than 15 years everyday humping bed n pillows with my clothes on, sometimes on beds n pillows of family members too.I used to struggle even back then with why I was doing it, but yet couldnt control the urge.On top of it I never checked if left any stains or wet spots.After 15 years I have suddenly started introspecting my behaviour and found that most of my actions could have or has caused harm to my family members,the guilt or shame about the same has been troubling me since past few months also it is leading to OCD regarding cleanliness&guilt.
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Your actions didn't cause any harm to family members. Masturbation is not a bad thing to do and there is no way that hurts anyone even if you did it on their bed and even if you left a stain. However, it is hugely time consuming for you and perhaps impacts being with a live person in a sexual relationship. It does sound excessive. Do you still do it?
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