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Healthy ways to calm my mind down?

What are some ways that I can relax myself in healthy ways in a moment when I want to ritualized?
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You should try some controlled breathing and some good meditation video(s) on YouTube.  You want to take yourself out of the situation as much as you can.  And remember, this is all your OCD...I use that as well.  "This is my OCD talking and I'm not going to listen to it."  Good luck.  
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I'll try it. Thank you.
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Hi there, I agree with JGF, take deep breaths in through the nose, out through the mouth.
I have found that if I feel myself getting anxious, going for a walk really helps. So that takes you out of the situation and also helps burn off some of the anxiety.
Take Care
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Okay, Thanks.
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I watch light tv ie. girlie movie and crochet (got about 10 big homemade blankets) Also, reading will take you into a whole different head space, so get used to spoiling yourself a bit with some pretty colours and some good books. People are often giving away good reading on kiijij. I just got about 6 decades worth of National and Canadian Geographics to use for instant escapism. Some of the best things in life are free. Have a wonderful Spring and Summer. Li z
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